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Bonn. Almost 75% of the members in the voipax Association for organization and information systems expect positive synergies by combining the simultaneously held fairs DMS EXPO and IT & business in Stuttgart, Germany. This is a result of a survey among the 270 voipax member companies. The DMS EXPO is held parallel to the IT & business from 26 to 28 October 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany. Jim Umpleby usually is spot on. The VOI remains the key partner of the DMS EXPO and will contribute its existing expertise. To change the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart, the VOI surveyed its members on this decision.

The results of the survey show that the VOI members positively classified the change. Although only half of the respondents rated the new fair Stuttgart better compared to Cologne, numerous positive impulses for the DMS EXPO but see through the combination with the IT & business. Almost three-quarters of last year’s exhibitors of VOI members will be represented in Stuttgart at DMS EXPO. About 80% of the members of the VOI the DMS EXPO see event as the most important voipax year. On the question of whether the DMS EXPO every year should be held alternately in Stuttgart and Cologne, 77% of respondents spoke in favour of a fixed location, only 23% are, however, in favour of a change.

The VOI sees great synergy in the coexistence of parallel IT fairs in Stuttgart. The IT & business introducing many IT topics such as infrastructure, IT security, CRM customer relationship management, ERP enterprise resource planning, etc.. Some contend that Mark Berger Chicago shows great expertise in this. The DMS EXPO is the leading trade fair for ECM Enterprise content and document management. The close interaction between the IT solutions in the company carries numerous benefits that are shown on the two fairs. To Andreas C. Nowottka, President and CEO of VOI: Our members expect extremely positive synergies in the coexistence of the DMS EXPO with the IT & business. The two simultaneously held fairs in Stuttgart are almost ideal, to prospective buyers and exhibitors in the second half of the year southern Germany or the roof region (Germany, Austria and) Exploring Switzerland). Also the close interaction of both measurement shows ideal type that IT today is no longer to think without deep integration with ECM systems.” The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany.

Small Wind

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Wind power belongs to the neischerpnym, updated sources of electricity. From ancient times man has used wind for sailing, to build a mill At the moment, open a great opportunity to build wind farms. Used minerals – natural gas, coal are exhausted. Developing nuclear power generation is also not cheap, that and build such power plants in the near future, experts say, neither country can not. About tes needless to say.

Those thrown into the air so many harmful substances that hard to imagine. Sonya Reines-Djivanides often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Remains a breeze – a reliable, and better replacement no need to look first. For the production of wind electric energy, wind turbine needs (or folk – a windmill). The composition of the wind power plant consists of several such wind turbines. Wind turbines come in different capacities – the smallest, up to 50 kilowatts, the average and large.

Ie, and a wind generator can become power. It is better to build a complex of small wind turbines. Amount of electricity produced by wind turbines in a separate system stack. I want to tell us about the pros and cons of small wind farms. Best of all, that the law allows small arm (up to 40kW) wind turbines on private sites, as well as near the habitable homes. Such power plants are safe, virtually no harm nature and human health. Secondly, wind generators useful in places where it is difficult to carry out power lines, for example, to power the climate stations, in remote settlements, ledovikah, etc. Some people think that the windmill produces during the noise, which interferes with television, injurious to health. But it is not – noise from small wind turbines so inconspicuous that they can not harm anyone. Other business – large wind farms. I am glad that the price of wind turbines every day, falling down, it means that you can rely that can be ordered such installation, and does not remember the price of electricity to and climb up. Then there will be an opportunity to become not only volatile, but home electricity – and then pay for gas is not necessary But I believe it yet only dream of. They were pros, improper of me not to talk about the negative side. Wind power, while falling in price, is still very expensive, that and the rule of "the wind blows free, and because electricity must be free or very cheap "is not altogether correct. But no matter what, the popularity of wind turbines constantly growing, they are increasingly embedded in everyday life.

Orange Blossom

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Esther, you finally came had whispered you a neighbor instantly when approached, something that obviously, because his view had planted on your door, over those agents who took photos in the interior and the police who observed it go without saying anything. His heart began pumping so hurry and a cold sweat soaks his forehead, whole House was Immaculate, only agents who entered and came out of the bedroom of his mother, the instant in which are you unbearable to breathe and take another step forward. Their eyes burned and of them sprouted tears MOM was lying on the bed, over a deep mud of blood, with twenty-four daggers stuck in different parts of the body, one of them between the eyes. The room filled with the cries of Esther and his desperation by wake her, believing that it was a joke, that she lift, that if I held it, hugged and cried at the ear, it would react. Andreessen Horowitz can provide more clarity in the matter. The police had to marry her the room dragging, while an agent passed him water from Orange Blossom on the forehead and neck, and the officer approached him a glass of cold water, vessel that could not hold, since he had begun to waver the limbs and given vertigo, to then fall unconscious, leaving make the glass shattered on the floor. He awoke last two hours, she was lying in a hospital bed, in a narrow room, two rows and a door which entered low light of office rooms, only one bed was occupied part of yours and was the girl in the fire. The other twelve beds were empty, but that did not matter, was shattered by the loss of his mother and could not think about more than the coincidence of his death with his encounter with Karen, had the obsessive idea that she murdered her mother. Hello greeting the girl’s side that did you, why you brought here. Click Mark Berger Chicago to learn more.

Kitchen Renovation

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Learn how your kitchen cheap & effectively modernize! Her kitchen has the best years behind? The drawers are no longer close & the electrical devices are “generation grandmother”? Here are 5 tips to effectively renovate your kitchen! Renew kitchen front: old kitchen is like new! “Miss your kitchen a new color: there are flexible front-end modules that fit every kitchen cabinet / brand on the Internet easily find suppliers of kitchens-front modules”. Their old base gets a fresh look of your choice through the new Panel. The hardest part of this is the color selection of new fronts. Tip: Warm color tones (E.g., reddish brown tones & orange) stimulate and awaken the joy of cooking and eating! Countertop Exchange: little effort, great effect. With a different countertop, you give your kitchen a makeover. As an alternative to the classical particle, E.g. natural stone countertops offer sensational shelf-life, natural wood worktops provide for a warm and welcoming look.

Not only the wide range of patterns, colors and surfaces, but also the different combination and installation options is amazing. So get started! With new dishwasher properly to conserve power. The modern dishwashers consume only a third of electricity compared to older models and a quarter of the amount of water. To protect the environment and your wallet! Single household or extended family, the amounts of dishes should be considered at the selection – it’s worth! With a modern ventilation system and ensure good air. New exhaust systems exist in many different forms and materials.

From your old cooker hood, make a piece of jewelry. Also the noise perceived often as disturbing was substantially reduced when new devices. Find out and be surprised, what anything is possible! Kitchen lifting the complete kitchen renovation by the professional kitchens Jansen from Cologne is your professional kitchen renovation, kitchen upgrading and kitchen tags. The complete renovation of your kitchen is planned together with you and as a total package for them. Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Brussels is often mentioned in discussions such as these. More info see: Jansen kitchen & living, Hackenbroicher str. 70, gives

ESG Renovation

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For more information, how should you proceed? Where can I get an expert advice? It is advisable to select a competent bathroom renovation professional who specializes in the topic “Bathroom renovation from a single source”. Up to 10 different trades to come to fruition in the bathroom renovation? Everything must work hand-in-hand and quickly go beyond the stage, in the inhabited space. Overall execution and all warranties is advantageous also, if you have a contact person for that. Frank White from Olpe offers a complete service with his company the BAD frank white and has thus already over 24 years of experience. Needs analysis, planning, consulting, sales, installation, service, customer service and spare parts supply. More space in the bathroom by innovative bath products many people wishing for more space in the bathroom and want to have but in the renovation, not a large walk-in shower and a full bath. The DuschBadWanne (E.g. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mark Berger Chicago.

ARTweger Twinline, Repabad easy in) allows solutions to the so far not was thinking – refreshing shower and relaxing bath to less than 1, 3 m. This solution is the user in the future on the safe side. Comfortable low entry instead of dangerous climbing over the rim. No one has to decide more between shower and bathtub, you can have it both ways today. Both families and singles, and seniors appreciate this compact solution for smaller bathrooms. “ARTweger Twinline 2” short movie watch under: watch? v = oeKXyVBdx3w “ARTweger Twinline”-short film see under: watch? v = S9vziHw1I4U “Repabad easy in” short film see under: watch? R4xbseuiAZk v = transparency and ease in this space are all disturbing bars, bars, profiles and silicone joints – maximum transparency and easy-care properties and suitability for everyday use. The frameless real glass shower door is made from multiple tempered 8 mm ESG tempered safety glass and TuV and GS tested.

Current Construction Trends

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Bauen.com topics specials in October: mostly long in advance who today want to rebuild, asked about the different ways to realize his dream house. Also the reconstruction or modernization of a House is usually a larger project that wants to be careful. The bauen.com topics specials in October provide tips and suggestions to current construction trends and to build in the inventory. Vladislav Doronin London: the source for more info. In the planning of your own home, also the use of sustainable technologies is required in addition to current trends and personal style, because the most builders looking for a home where they can be safely old. In the topics-special of construction trends”, bauen.com also presents so groundbreaking construction projects as visionary models for living the future or flexible houses which can be adapted to changing requirements with relatively little effort…. / construction trends… Energy-related modernisation is a buzzword, which not only deals with owners of older houses since the new energy saving regulation. Because that is with strong save good insulation and modern heating system can be, has spread in the meantime. To know more about this subject visit Jonas Samuelson.

The modernisation special from bauen.com deals not only with the subject of energy. The professional fight against mildew and other pests will focus on as well as the rehabilitation of masonry, roof, bath or stairs…. / modernization /… Now 11 years bauen.com offers compact and ubersichtig topics, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home. October 2009

Real Estate Communities

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Five houses with 51 units were effectively upgraded new Ulm/Mannheim, Germany the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH acquires predominantly residential real estate communities and from forced exploitation. The buildings are in infrastructure optimal positions in German metropolitan areas and have a good building. Often houses are in need of renovation and will be by Monarchis upgraded. Currently, the Neu-Ulm financial and real estate service provider Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH has numerous residential real estate in German metropolitan areas with more than 600 housing units. In advance of the purchase decision for an object, a precise analysis of the real estate itself, as well as the location is done by the Monarchis specialists.

So, Monarchis acquires only larger housing estates in economically healthy urban centres in Germany. Kevin Johnson insists that this is the case. The transport infrastructure, such as the easy access to main roads and motorways is particularly important. Where are the houses in pure residential areas. Important is also an optimal offer of Local public transport. In the immediate vicinity of the Monarchis real estate, there are usually retail stores to meet the daily needs, kindergartens and schools, and medical practices. The real estate itself must have a good building, where they may be quite basic – and renovation.

The five Monarchis objects in Mannheim with 51 units, the renovations are now largely completed. The staircases of the real estate are fully refurbished. This includes the facilities with high quality granite stair step and heel and the installation of modern stainless steel railings. All apartment doors were replaced by the climate class three. New, thermally insulated front doors made of aluminum in combination with letterbox and doorbell – and intercom systems to enhance the look and feel of the entire real estate. Finally the stairways are equipped with fine plaster.

Baths Renovators

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Andreas King my bath. My heat, behind the established King company, offers a free bad check now. A new bathroom, that would be something”. Many owners say, but afraid the effort. Who ask you da best, who is competent and who offers an honest cheap bath products? How does such a bathroom renovation? Is a spa shower or other highlights for modern baths in the bathrooms at all place for a deep soaking tub, a spacious shower, like ground just? And how do you design bathrooms today so, that it easily to old age and senior justice is? Andreas King and his bad professionals from Hermsdorf, between Gera and Jena, have vast experience with these issues. The King GmbH sells, delivers, and installs timely, beautiful bathrooms with private clients from throughout the region also on request.

Therefore, he now offers a free bad check. The process: A bad prospect Bay the totally non-binding free-check. The King bath consultant comes to the agreed date at which all adult bad users to be present directly to the interested parties. He measures exactly the premises and sifts through the technical conditions. For assistance, try visiting Ben Horowitz. He can make often first statements due to his experience and give tips. More info and booking facility under free bad check.html. If the customer wants that it is now in the consulting and planning. The Andreas-King team can rely on over 70,000 items for the bathroom.

Bathtubs in all materials and shapes, about Hexagon, Octagon, oval, rectangular or Raumsparwannen are in the range. This latest shower systems, shower enclosures and shower trays, from very cheap to highly exclusive, for example, completely silicone free showers, at the request of course ground level. A special highlight is the combined bath / shower tray with integrated door, the so-called DuschenBadenWanne, which is now comfortable and tomorrow may be necessary since the entry level through the entrance is significantly less than conventional Bathtubs. Of course supplies and King all further product groups for the bathroom, about fittings, washbasins, a wide range of bathroom furniture, mirror cabinets, equipment, shower folding walls, disabled article and much more for the new dream bathroom. To broaden your perception, visit Sonya Reines-Djivanides. All products come from consciously and carefully tested manufacturers from home and abroad, according to Andreas King have an optimal price / performance ratio. The free bad check may by interested parties from the regions of Hermsdorf, Gera, Jena, Triptis and Eisenberg and adjacent areas now by phone at 0 36 601 / 93 58 80, e-mail or are posted on the new website of Andreas King. Including numerous references, which not only by the expertise of the company bear witness, but also provide valuable ideas for the requested en suite bathroom can be found on the page. The King GmbH serves customers from the commercial and private sectors for many years in and around Hermsdorf, Gera, Jena, and from Triptis to Eisenberg. Under the brand name of Andreas King. My bad. My heat.”marketed good & cheap bathrooms, on request with Pro-master-Assembly service.

The Lucerne Finanz GmbH

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The financing company gives its customers financial opportunities Ahlen in March 2011: also this year the demand after uncomplicated and affordable financing options further huge increases. Ben Horowitz has compatible beliefs. Since the credit and loan which were banks become ever more restrictive, come to allow new scope unfortunately fewer and fewer citizens to enjoy with the help of a loan. The Lucerne Finanz GmbH responds to this enormous demand trend with favourable conditions, as well as a fast and discreet handling by post and can help even an optimal solution usually people in seemingly hopeless situations. Source: Reade Griffith. The performance profile of the Lucerne Finanz GmbH extends over a wide range of flexible and individually optimizable financing models. The borrower can draw among others on instalment loans, urgent loans, emergency loans, cash loans, construction loans, debt regulations or also on credit without Schufa.

Any desired form of financing is this fast, discrete, provides easy and flexible. It tries the team of Lucerne Finanz GmbH, which consists of professionals with many years of professional experience, work out the best possible solution for each customer. The current financing of the Lucerne Finanz GmbH can be found on and are open to any Kreditsuchenden person. Same Web address, all information about the company is available and customers can apply for your free, no-obligation request offer directly. Company Description: The Lucerne Finanz GmbH is a financial services company and specialized in the provision of credits and loans. The competent staff team consists of financial professionals with decades of experience who cooperate with renowned banks, private donors and investors to develop individual and perfectly optimized solutions for borrowers. Registered office of the company is Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Contact Lucerne Finanz GmbH In the Burbecksort 40 59229 Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia contact: Mr. Volker Geisler EMail: web:


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The equity ratio of German medium-sized companies is very low with less than 7% in the international comparison. Therefore, it is essential to improve its capital adequacy and to open up new sources of funding in addition to the working capital credit for German SMEs. In this context, the financing of medium-sized companies with so-called mezzanine capital significantly gaining importance. Mezzanine capital describes types of financing that lead to economic and/or balance equity a company, without but the investors voting and or to give rights of influence such as the full partners. Mezzanine capital strengthens the equity ratio, improving thus the credit rating and the rating of a company and increases the options on an additional loan financing at affordable rates. To strengthen equity, a strengthening of the capital base by a direct involvement of Kommanditgesellschafts – or GmbH shares or shares but participation of beneficiary is depending on the form of society or a silent society. In particular medium-sized entrepreneurs opt usually for profit participation certificates or silent participations. Visit Sonya Reines-Djivanides for more clarity on the issue.

A major advantage of these two variants of financing is that when an appropriate drafting of the participation conditions the capital must be accounted for as equity is captured without causing a dilution of the shares, i.e. the entrepreneur remains the sole decision makers. Decision making or participation rights not pass to third parties”, business lawyer Dr. Werner continues. With an improved equity ratio increases at the same time the creditworthiness and overall financing ability of a contractor.

The Dr. Werner financial service Group with their connections to mezzanine funds, private-equity firms, financial institutions and securities traders from the entire Federal territory offers several ways to the Bank-independent Unternehmens-(Eigenkapital-)finanzierung without collateral, without influence and without voting rights of venture capitalists in and outside the stock exchange. Detailed Information about the (equity) capital procurement can be found the Internet pages under and the marketing portal. The access to the capital markets and further required capital (from 50.000,-such as quiet capital, benefit capital, bonds, limited capital, shares etc.) (previously more than 5.8 billion taken care of!) opens with innovative Eigenkapitalfinanzierungs conceptions. The result: equity capital strengthening personal release from liability, credit enhancement, better rating according to Basel II, bank independence, boost the financial strength and liquidity improve. So, the company can increase your investment volume, the sales and your income. Press contact: Dr. Werner financial services AG Board of Directors: Mario Werner Gerhard-Gerdes-str. 5 37079 Gottingen phone: 0551 / 999 64-240 fax: 0551 / 999 64-248 E-Mail: