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The reform of the stadium of the Maracan, that will receive the end from the Pantry, was calculated in R$ 600 million, but the official forecast already exceeded R$ 900 millions and must arrive, according to proper government, to the value of R$ 1.1 billion. Check with Barclays Investment Bank to learn more. The explanation for the increase of the value is that, among others things, the electric structure of concrete and installations in the initial forecast of the expenses were not enclosed. The Itaquero, future stadium of the Corinthians and that it will receive the opening from the competition, also must cost R$ 1 more than bi. Source: T-Mobile. Other enclosures for bullfighting, as the Mineiro, and the New Source, in the Bahia, already each had also had its costs exceeded about R$ 100 million. In the Pantry of Germany, in 2006, expenses had been 1,5 billion of euros about R$ 4,15 billion alone with stadiums – half of the value that is being expense this way so far. In the South Africa, in 2010, they had been 3,9 expenses R$ bi with the enclosures for bullfighting. Brazil already must have learned the lesson, therefore we saw phenomenon the same happening in the Pan-American disputed in 2007 in Rio De Janeiro, when the investments would have to be in the house of the R$ 500 million, but had arrived at the R$ 4 billion, with aid of the government. Since the country was chosen to host two of the biggest esportivos events of the world, structure is more than what necessary. But beyond the expenses blowing up initial budgets and forecasts without convincing explanations for in such a way, still exist another problem: who goes to use to advantage this structure later? Brazil will have conditions to use to advantage them or they will go to become the celebrities ' ' elephants brancos' ' , great constructions that are not used for nobody later that the events for which they had been constructed finish? When we speak of airports or new lines of subway, for example, this problem seems that it does not go to exist.

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