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Posted by Ralf on July 4th, 2016 — Posted in News

The Google AdSense program is based on the benefits generated by clicks on ads that you have on your site. And it is one of the best tools that currently allow you to earn money with internet. A careful choice of keywords can bring more benefits for web publishers: with the optimization of the content of its pages it is possible to display Google ads with high income potential. Douglas R. Oberhelman understood the implications. Therefore, improving the text on their pages can get ads optimized for the keywords most profitable. What is Google AdSense? In a previous article we talked about Google AdSense, the program from Google is intended to allow web publishers to show Google ads on its web site. OK! You have just finished creating your site: the pages are completed and optimized for the keywords you have chosen. You have a good number of links of recoil and good results in terms of the SERP (search engine results pages.)? To create content for your site, You must also take into account accurately keywords or key phrases that will achieve the best results from SEO. At this point you have inserted the HTML code of Google Adsense, and Google’s ads will appear correctly on your pages.

The site receives a good volume of traffic, but clicks on ads income are low where is the problem? The problem is choosing the keywords used in your text, since Google reads the content to serve their own contextual ads. Do try to answer the following questions: 1.Usted made a careful selection of key words or key phrases with a high volume of searches on engines? 2. Do focused on the content of the pages so that there is a high density (in its pages) of these keywords with high CPC (cost per click)? If you answered these questions, then you have identified the problem: we have to take a step back and, in the process of selection of key words which focus its efforts, in those words that have a greater potential for income. If you optimized in this way you can earn more money with adsense even more than with some affiliate programs.

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