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Posted by Ralf on July 13th, 2016 — Posted in News

Before going further, I would like to clarify what is the meaning of the scam is. Based on my understanding, SCAM you can refer to the financial statements fool or financial fraudulent that they undertake to pay, but at the end it will not get the payment. So is Google AdSense program is a scam? First of all I would like to explain what is the Google AdSense. In relation to the Google site, Google AdSense is a simple free way for publishers of web sites of all sizes to earn money by displaying Google ads on their websites. AdSense also allows you to provide Google searches for users of its site, at the same time earn money by displaying Google published ads on results pages. Source: Based on the definition by Google what’s your AdSense.

It is clearly stated that the program is simple and has the free way for publishers of web sites of all sizes to earn money. I would like to emphasize the word money or to earn money can be classified as a financial program that paid money. I don’t want to go further in their policies and conditions of service as I’m going to focus on my second article on this subject in part 2. So we’re going to question. Is Google AdSense a scam? Before answering this question, after reading all participants and publishers of web sites about this program and also various forums including Google AdSense on the Forum. I cannot conclude that this Google AdSense program have some kind of scam trick. My review of why they I am saying this is shown below: 1. many complained that when its reached payment threshold e.g.

$100 or close to the threshold, Google will disable your account. 2 Google IQS to their editors in your account after verified payment.

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