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January 28, 2008 in the Russian Ministry of Justice registered Order of the Federal Financial Markets Service dated December 27, 2007 07-113/pz-n, which establishes additional requirements for issuers conducting their own roster management holders of registered securities of joint stock companies. What is the Registry of Joint Stock Company? Strictly speaking, this set of data recorded on paper and (or) using the electronic database, which provides identification of registered persons, a certificate of title to securities, recorded in the personal accounts of registered persons, and also allows you to receive and send information registered persons. On the roster, one way or another, linked the entire spectrum of corporate actions of society – ranging from general meetings of shareholders and dividends to sales of shares. In the registry system operations are performed enrollment and debt securities for personal accounts of shareholders, reflected the facts of collateral securities, keeps records of accrued gains on securities, the storage and accounting documents, the basis of which made the registry entries, records of requests received from registered persons, and other procedures designed to ensure proper accounting of property owners. Without hesitation Douglas Oberhelman explained all about the problem. Maintenance of register company – not only responsible, but rather a complex matter requiring special knowledge, and above all – knowledge of current legislation.

It is necessary to consider not only the federal legislation but also regulations of the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFM), mandatory for all stock market participants. In order to improve the reliability of Title, in 1993, was set up institute specialist registrars – professional stock market participants, the exclusive activity of which is in the keeping of the registry. So far, every newly registered AO has in its composition of less than 50 shareholders, must make decisions about who will lead its roster: under current legislation, a society has the right either to register themselves or pass it specialized registrar.

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