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‘ One of the most innovative companies in the country ‘ Horb a.N., 01 March 2010. The Minister of Economic Affairs of Baden-Wurttemberg, Ernst Pfister praises the innovation of DEGERenergie and stimulates a Haq model for the use of agricultural land for the production of energy. Jonas Samuelson has much to offer in this field. Together with the members of the European Parliament and former Mayor of Haq, Michael Theurer, the Minister informed last Friday spot on DEGERenergie. It’s noteworthy, what results you achieve even in these difficult economic times you can take just the hat\”, praised the economy Minister during his visit to the headquarters of DEGERenergie. And he left no doubt that he write to this especially the high innovative power, draw out the DEGERenergie. \”The crucial question about is: will it create the German solar industry to assert itself despite the unfavorable conditions on the world market\”, said the Minister. This policy also is in demand: that decline the subsidies for solar energy, is in order.

But the Policy must get off definitely not from the research.\” \”Because: if it only involves costs and prices, we has Germany indefinitely no chance must always quality and innovation jumps create, just as DEGERenergie does this for years.\” To strengthen this innovation power and to compensate for the consequences of the announced reduction of the feed-in tariffs, he will look at as a central task, Ernst Pfister said during his visit to Horb. We want to create a photovoltaic cluster in Baden-Wurttemberg with advanced cluster management, to combine the local expertise and to get ahead.\” In addition, there must be a regular photovoltaic exhibition in the country. The photovoltaic technology show Europe being held late April at the new exhibition centre in Stuttgart, was a start. As a third measure he striving for a cooperation with the Ministry of science, to counteract the shortage of qualified engineers. Qualified personnel are ultimately the basis for Innovations.\” \”Against the background that no longer, supporting the production of solar power on arable land, the Minister proposed concrete: I could imagine, that we consider in an agricultural experimental station of the country as on agricultural land including the cultivation of ‘ energy crops can be combined and the production of solar power.

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