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What is “H.I.T.” and why is it so well how does muscle growth (hypertrophy) which is muscle actually generally only a cross-section thickening of the muscle fibres. It is not something Jim Umpleby would like to discuss. This is a response to respond to resistance training and to make the muscles more resilient. Contrary to a widespread mistaken belief while no new muscle shaped, but charged to the already existing muscles. As no new muscle fibers are created, but volume growth only occurs due to the growth of the muscle fiber cross-sectional. Strength training this triggers a chain reaction of metabolism, which is subsequently protein and water stored in the cells and the volume expansion effect. Of course new muscle fibers, arise after a certain period of time but just after the transversal magnification. Scientifically, what factors responsible in particular for the muscle, which is why training theories are based mostly on practical knowledge is but still not fully resolved. High intensity training an important factor of the muscle training is the intensity of the training.

Often, one hears about training, that they are two hours in the gym every day, the desired results but can’t adjust. The cause is mostly, as the two hours are designed for an easy two hour training may have a lesser effect on muscle growth as an intense 30-minute workout. The theory behind this is that a muscle only a maximum stimulus needed to put the muscle in motion. Therefore, the principle applies: short, intense, and not so common. Muscle so the time needed for the regeneration should be allowed to exploit the full potential. As the muscles should be exposed to just a few incentives, a training plan with a few exercises is training design.

These are ideally compound exercises, so exercises, involving several muscle groups at the same time be claimed. Depending on your training, you can make it in an alternating full body plan or higher split. This plan is offered for HIT beginners. Day 1 Deadlift row Chin-ups bent-over day 2 squat bench dips with progressive training stand the limit of the own body can be better achieved, so it makes sense to choose while maintaining the number of training days for example a 3 split training plan. This is due to the fact that the muscles need a longer recovery time, as the intensity rises. Should this not be respected, the overtraining can be a negative result. The advantages of the HIT are so in short training sessions and the training frequency lower when compared to other methods of. This is however not to be with a general loose”training design, because if the HIT is carried out correctly, it is at least as arduous as a hard 2-hour session.

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