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Towel Day May 25 each year many people celebrate this day down in history thanks to author and comic fiction of Douglas Adams. That is, thanks to the British writer, this day has been celebrated since 2001 year, two weeks after his death on May 11. Whose idol he was, and remains, to this day, honoring the memory of his works carry a towel. Douglas Adams wrote about the towel, as one of the important things for people moving hitchhiking, towel-indispensable attribute hitchhiker described in his novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." "Towel, – perhaps the most essential item in everyday tourist. In many ways, its value is determined by the practice: it You can wrap yourself traveling in the cold moons of Beta Yaglana, they can cover yourself like a blanket, sleeping under the stars that pour red light on the desert planet Kakrafun, it is convenient to lie on the sandy beaches Santraginusa, enjoying the intoxicating fragrance of the sea, it is convenient to use as a raft, going down the slow heavy river Moth waters, they can swing, giving signals of distress, as you can and soak it for close combat, or wrap their heads so as not to inhale toxic fumes or avoid the gaze of a bloodthirsty Zverezhuka with Traalya (amazingly stupid creature that assumes that if you do not see it, then she does not see you, to be extremely stupid, but only bloodthirsty), well and in the end, you are quite capable of it wiped, unless, of course, fairly clean towel. But more importantly the psychological meaning towels. For unknown reasons, when nechok (nechok not tourist) learns that there is a tourist with a towel, it automatically implies the existence of toothpaste, jars, a compass, a coil of twine, cape, his suit etc. etc.

Moreover, nechok gladly lend any of the tourist named or not the named items "lost" in the road. In the eyes of nechoka man who has traveled the galaxy and down, suffered a serious adversity with honor out of desperate situations, while retaining their towel certainly deserves the greatest respect, "that's a whole chapter is given from the tale. Start the Day of towels put a message under the heading Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams, issued on 14 May 2001 Binary Freedom, on the short-lived Forum open source software. "Douglas Adams will be missed by all his fans around the world. To all the fans could pay tribute to his genius, I propose to mark the day, two weeks after his death (25 May 2001.) as the "Towel Day". All fans of Douglas Adams offered that day wearing a towel. Let the towel will be on the mind – use it as a topic of conversation to those who have never read "Hitchhiker's Guide Galaxy ", and went and found a copy. You can wrap a towel around her head, used as a weapon to impregnate nutrients – whatever! "

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