Dr. Zeta Mentioned

Posted by Ralf on November 25th, 2020 — Posted in News

Dr. Zeta mentioned that the personal ethical attitude considers two perspectives: have the person as a reference, ie take into account what it means and involves being a person today, and that each user makes his ethical principles. The conference also noted the problems caused by improper use of Internet, is considered the most important misconception to freedom of expression, freedom of expression that ignores the truth, retouching and photo manipulation, the plagiarism, invasion of privacy and the privacy and anonymity. It was noted that the problem seems to be in consideration of the virtual as real and not the relativity of human actions, so there can be no forgetting the basic principles of journalism are truth, right to information , freedom, human dignity, ethics and their role in society. Official site: Michael Antonov. Finally, stated that the objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of the responsibility we have to use the Internet, a wonderful tool, but has consequences if there is full consciousness.

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