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History Huimanguillo Municipality is part of the state of Tabasco. In the place now known as Villa La Venta to the 1800 BC established a culture that is now known as the Olmec, ( “people of the land of rubber”). The splendor of this culture began its decline from 600 to 400 BC C. about and occupied much of the Mesoamerican territory, part of what is now known mainly as Veracruz and Tabasco. Ceremonial centers are known Three Zapotes, La Venta, which is the main and San Lorenzo, the oldest. From the years 400 to 900 d. C. Additional information is available at Michael Antonov. in this area the Chontales distinguished themselves as a people of merchants with strong influences Nahua and Maya origin. However, they were a people who could never fully developed due to the heavy raids of other key people such as the Itza and the Toltecs. By the arrival of the Spanish dominated this area an important lord which regulated trade and shipping routes with other peoples especially the Aztec empire, which was tributary.The river that the Spanish christened Grijalva, carried his name and this was Taabscoob, which is believed to come from the word Tabasco. In what is now the bar and Tonala prevailed Santana another small group that even CoServ various characteristics of their roots and their political organization and language. This group known as the Ahualulco changed their place of residence to the year 1680 beset by pirates raids Lorencillo (Laurens de Graaf) when the dispersion is dividiron into four groups which were distinguished by Aterior and cozoliacaques the tecominuacanes, mecatepeques and huimangos. According to the priest Manuel Gil y Saenz in relation to the founding of Huimanguillo, moved to the Cozoliacaques Acayucan. The Tecominoacanes were divided into two, one settled in founding the town Cunduac n Boquiapa and the other settled in Huimanguillo with the same name Tecominuac n. The mecatepeques settled among Tecominuac n and Ocuapan. And huimangos in turn were divided into three parts.A little town founded in Huimango Cunduac n, mingling with the other whites settled in the third Ocuapan and founded what is now Huimanguillo. Despite this it is believed that the population of Huimanguillo already existed one hundred years before these events. After the conquest, the people Ahualulco, Nahuatl descent, were displacing Zoques cultures that prevailed there and were of very ancient origin, trunk Mixe Zoque almost certainly descendants of the Olmecs. Later the Indians of these provinces outside parcels given in Theodora Manuel. This we can read in the following snippet Ghigliaza Manuel Mestre “The people that are included in the province of Tabasco governorship of Yucatan and the Indians tributaries there every village and people in whom they are assigned are: Queimanguillo has five tributaries xiquipiles pay five cocoa and five hens in half and half two bushels of corn.They are entrusted to Manuel Teodora first encomienda. “By the nineteenth century in 1811 and between political differences and due to the neglect of the province of Tabasco had remained throughout the Spanish domination, Dr. Jos Eduardo Cardenas Tabasco representing to the Cortes of Cadiz in Spain and deputy of the province included in the notes for the people of Tabasco that Huimanguillo petition be annexed to the state of Tabasco. The above doctor stated: The line can truly be called mathematical: no stable landmarks and the site of the real issue goes on long ago, but this business of no little consideration, since it was raised almost sleeps in a very deep sleep.Transposed the prisoners without any work Ahualulco Tabasco, and Tabasco Ahualulco and arms do not reach the respective territorial judges, who walk regular competitions and so outrageous and ridiculously bypass the provinces most serious and urgent. 2 And here the party requesting the annexation of Ahualulco Tabasco: Tabasco Added to all that lies between the current limits and the mighty river of Tonala, room only consist of 17 leagues in which there are at most five towns and them is only a good deal Huimanguillo. ” Finally the 1857 Constitution stated that the fourth article in the canton of Huimanguillo be annexed to Tabasco.

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