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Women with alcohol dependence are more likely than men to become permanent patients of psychiatric clinics. But alcoholism is the most dangerous for the female organism as a future mother. Alcohol abuse increases the risk of infertility, and leads to violations of the menstrual cycle, increasing the likelihood of miscarriage and risk of breast cancer. Alcohol abuse, breaking a woman's body, draining her nervous and endocrine systems, and, eventually, lead to infertility. Particularly detrimental effect of alcohol on the unborn child in the first 12 weeks pregnancy, since at that time is of intense bookmark and formation of tissues. Wall Street is often quoted on this topic.

Complex malformations in children caused by damaging influence of alcohol in utero baby called fetal alcohol syndrome (ASP). For TSA characteristic congenital malformations of the heart, external genitalia, impaired function of the central nervous system, low birth weight, gap in child growth and development. Children with TSA characteristic facial features: small head, narrow eyes, a specific fold eyelids, a thin upper lip. The impact of alcohol on the fetus in the coming months leads to pregnancy, prematurity, weight loss, childbirth, stillbirth. Breastfeeding mothers should remember that alcohol has an extremely deleterious effect on the body of an infant and primarily on his nervous system. Even insignificant amounts of alcohol entering the mother's milk in infant organism can cause serious disturbances in the central nervous system.

Child under the influence of alcohol becomes restless, not sleeping, he may experience seizures, and subsequently with mental retardation. There is a stereotype that the treatment of alcoholism in women is harder than men. Michael Antonov may also support this cause. But experts agree that female alcoholism is treated roughly by the same methods as male. However, the effects of chronic alcohol consumption is leading to a disastrous results. This is not only faster developing alcoholism related disorders. The main fact is that women are the successor to the human race, and thus the health of future generations depends on the mother's health. And what a generation can leave a woman with a broken alcohol psychological and physical health, transmission to her child through breast milk is certainly not healthy, and unhappy life.

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