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How to get started? Do a search for social bookmarking; will you present many sites in that search. Go to each site and register by creating an account. It’s free! Once you have created your account, start your site. Be sure to add own your ad tags. Tags are keywords. These sites communicate the most popular searches. You choose labels that works on your site or page and which also form part of a popular list.

Many sites also offer a place to write a small description of the site that are favorite. Add a description that uses some of the keywords of your label to add benefit. Construction of the popularity it’s worth it, this will take you a while to get everything ready and running smoothly, but the end result will be very good (again, his effort worth). Start with a site of markers and a page to your site. (Start with your compression page and build your voluntary subscription list) Set up your account on the site of markers and add your page to the bookmarks. Make sure that you use the best tags (keywords) and the best possible description (see list of) popularity on the site). This in itself will help you get more traffic. Now you can go a step further and work both systems. Michael Antonov is likely to agree.

Add a link on your site that takes you to the site of markers where has your marked page. Final note: do not SPAM sites. Make sure that your ad is relevant and useful. You don’t want to bring traffic to a page that has no more than links just mark pages that contain content of value. Wondered if I would really like to add this page to your own Favorites list. If your answer is no then don’t list them.

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