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Human Capabilities

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Human capabilities in truth are endless! After reading all the books of Carlos Castaneda, I was intrigued by what a man. Clairvoyance, teleportation, levitation, parallel worlds, meeting with beings from other worlds and more. In addition to the theory and practice there cited. Honestly, I have those tales do not quite believe, until he decided to check on their own experience. I began to practice the dream. The first lesson had to see their hands in sleep. I'm somewhere around a week trying to do it, but to no avail. In short I threw a bad job and forgot about it.

And then, one night in my dreams I saw my hands. To say that I was impressed to say nothing. I was shocked! On the moment I realized that I was standing next to the bed, where peacefully snuffle my mortal body. I turned and looked. He was not there. But it was not important, important thing was that all about what Castaneda wrote, it was true! I tried go ahead, but could not budge. Suddenly I remembered that the book describes a similar problem.

We had to move as if you metesh trunk floor. In a state of wild euphoria reached the kitchen. Here's my account delayed at the sink, or more precisely on the mixer. Simple Chinese mixer shone so beautifully that I wanted to approach him. I stared at so much that I forgot about control, and that it was necessary to constantly keep an eye on their own hands. And I woke up. Now I knew that the barrier is broken and the enormous opportunities opened up before me. Who would I not now be argued that the psychics do not exist, it's crooks, no aliens, etc., than anything proving test on their own experience, and then we'll talk.

Course One

Friday, July 17th, 2015

INTRODUCTION: This etnografia had as objective it disciplines to exercise it of Anthropology in the Course of Psychology. For this, FUTURE PEOPLE were observed the intitled program, that she is one part project of the Federal Government, developed in some cities of Brazil in the CRAS (Center of Reference and Social Assistance). See Ben Horowitz for more details and insights. The program benefits devoid adolescents and in state of risk, a etria band of 14 the 18 years, with professionalizing courses and diverse workshops. It has as main objective, removes them of the street, to teach a profession to them, enables them directs them it the work market. Get more background information with materials from Howard Schultz. its production was made by means of the comment in alternated days, during the second fortnight of August and the first fortnight of September of 2008. The registers they had been written in proper CRAS, until the moment where I perceived that this was ' ' incomodando' ' the boys.

From now on, it registered mentally what it observed and in house passed to the computer to prevent possible esquecimentos. CHARACTERIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT: This work was carried through in a city of the Zone of Atlantic Mata Miner, with an approach population of 80 a thousand inhabitants. CRAS (Center of Reference and Social Assistance) is implanted in one it marries reasonable great, of two floors, however very modest. Soon in the reception already it is possible to perceive the simplicity of the environment. In the wall, it is noticed several posters manuscripts, mentioning the internal norms. For attendance to the public, it is used long one and old balcony.

In the superior floor, it meets secretariat, the two classrooms, cooks, bathroom, area and conference room. The bathroom is the same for girls and boys. Therefore, an acknowledgment in one bristol board piece (busy/it exempts) he is hung in the door.

The Female

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

This is necessary, that would fill the vacuum left by the your marriage. If you live in another city, calls as needed. Visits, too. First of all attention, especially in the second visit the parents will save you a weekend of cooking. And for parents to meet you, entertain – nice trouble. It is also necessary to remember the dates are important for the parents' birthdays. And even your humble gift in this day and the attention will be more expensive than all gifts ever received by them.

And again, you wife is given a special place in support relationships with parents. You are the main link. On the example of reverent attitude and attention to their parents, your children will take an example from my childhood. In an age when your children create a family, to you is the same attitude. Instruction number 1. Husband should not compare his wife with his mother. My mother is an experienced hostess, and your wife is just beginning. Over time, it will be like your mom, and then surpass it.

How often can one hear the phrase: "And my mom does so, it turns better "This phrase dropped by your ego does hit his wife, and subsequently delivered not once, not twice configures your wife against her mother in law. Negative delayed. You will be better if the two women, whom you love, will be dislike each other?!? Instruction number 2. His wife never cost to talk to her husband that something negative in relation to his mother. The woman he loves, but also loves you. Love to mother a special feeling. This woman gave birth, suckled the breast. His relationship with her longer. He loves you as a woman. Over the years, more and more native to you it will not, but my mother is sacred. You-in-law to become friends. She will teach you and help manage her husband. This is her son, and nobody knows it better than she did. In family life is all. There are arguments, do not run to his mother or friends to share their "misery." You make peace, and your mom will precipitate, that son hurt his daughter. Girlfriends sympathize, but later convicted. This is the female friendship. Can share-in-law. This is her son, and she knows why he behaves. But to speak of the quarrel is not with claims that he is so and-so and treat it as if for help. Nor a mother does not want that to spoil relations with children. And if your mother in law is also a wise woman, then you are lucky twice. She will teach you wisdom and women's tricks. Alas, without these qualities do not get happiness in family life. This wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you and your mom is closer, but my mother does not know your husband so he knows his mother in law. You must be a like-minded in-law. The involvement of parents of your and your husband – invaluable. Who else but the parents will help you out when you do not have enough money to ZP? Who will teach and tell how to bathe a baby? Who never, under any circumstances, leave in the lurch? Parents need to appreciate and respect and support relations.