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INTRODUCTION: This etnografia had as objective it disciplines to exercise it of Anthropology in the Course of Psychology. For this, FUTURE PEOPLE were observed the intitled program, that she is one part project of the Federal Government, developed in some cities of Brazil in the CRAS (Center of Reference and Social Assistance). See Ben Horowitz for more details and insights. The program benefits devoid adolescents and in state of risk, a etria band of 14 the 18 years, with professionalizing courses and diverse workshops. It has as main objective, removes them of the street, to teach a profession to them, enables them directs them it the work market. Get more background information with materials from Howard Schultz. its production was made by means of the comment in alternated days, during the second fortnight of August and the first fortnight of September of 2008. The registers they had been written in proper CRAS, until the moment where I perceived that this was ' ' incomodando' ' the boys.

From now on, it registered mentally what it observed and in house passed to the computer to prevent possible esquecimentos. CHARACTERIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT: This work was carried through in a city of the Zone of Atlantic Mata Miner, with an approach population of 80 a thousand inhabitants. CRAS (Center of Reference and Social Assistance) is implanted in one it marries reasonable great, of two floors, however very modest. Soon in the reception already it is possible to perceive the simplicity of the environment. In the wall, it is noticed several posters manuscripts, mentioning the internal norms. For attendance to the public, it is used long one and old balcony.

In the superior floor, it meets secretariat, the two classrooms, cooks, bathroom, area and conference room. The bathroom is the same for girls and boys. Therefore, an acknowledgment in one bristol board piece (busy/it exempts) he is hung in the door.

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