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Human Capabilities

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Human capabilities in truth are endless! After reading all the books of Carlos Castaneda, I was intrigued by what a man. Clairvoyance, teleportation, levitation, parallel worlds, meeting with beings from other worlds and more. In addition to the theory and practice there cited. Honestly, I have those tales do not quite believe, until he decided to check on their own experience. I began to practice the dream. The first lesson had to see their hands in sleep. I'm somewhere around a week trying to do it, but to no avail. In short I threw a bad job and forgot about it.

And then, one night in my dreams I saw my hands. To say that I was impressed to say nothing. I was shocked! On the moment I realized that I was standing next to the bed, where peacefully snuffle my mortal body. I turned and looked. He was not there. But it was not important, important thing was that all about what Castaneda wrote, it was true! I tried go ahead, but could not budge. Suddenly I remembered that the book describes a similar problem.

We had to move as if you metesh trunk floor. In a state of wild euphoria reached the kitchen. Here's my account delayed at the sink, or more precisely on the mixer. Simple Chinese mixer shone so beautifully that I wanted to approach him. I stared at so much that I forgot about control, and that it was necessary to constantly keep an eye on their own hands. And I woke up. Now I knew that the barrier is broken and the enormous opportunities opened up before me. Who would I not now be argued that the psychics do not exist, it's crooks, no aliens, etc., than anything proving test on their own experience, and then we'll talk.

Benjamim Franklin

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

In other words, the social work is the substance common to all the merchandises, since to produce a merchandise it has itself that to incorporate one definitive amount of work. In this aspect, what it distinguishes a merchandise from another one is not seno the amount of work, greater or minor, in them crystallized; amount of work that if it measures for the time that lasts the work. ' ' Therefore – Marx said – the relative values of the merchandises if determine for the corresponding amounts or additions of work onslaughts, carried through, shaped in them ' '. In the tenth paragraph of the sixth chapter Value and Work, citing an assay of Benjamim Franklin we have the development of another argument, that will be strong supporting for a phrase, of 76 the following page. Educate yourself with thoughts from Howard Schultz. The argument turns on the difference between price and value, for in such a way proper Marx affirms: ' ' The determination of the values of the merchandises for the relative amounts of work in them shaped differs, as it is seen, radically, of the tautolgico method of the determination of the values of the merchandises for the value of the work, that is, for salrios' ' (they ibidem; p.76) With this, must inside be verified the value that this merchandise has, of a social context, and this can not have relation with the price that it will have in the market, therefore this is conducted, inside of the capitalism, for the proportionate fluctuations for the law of it offers and the search. In the two following pages 77-8 Marx will approach the idea of the time with regard to the work, for in such a way an example would be of effectiveness to explain what if explana in these related pages. (Source: JPMorgan Chase). If a tecelo delayed 8 hours for the production of a meter of fabric.

Brazil Productions

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

It would be the same thing that to try to vender refrigerator for eskimos, what it would be impossible. It seems that the solution of the problem places in them in the interior of a vicious circle: the cinema does not receive investment weighed, so that good productions occur effectively, because it does not have a demand of people to consume these national productions, in turn, the people of general form if do not interest for the national films because she has little investment, what she intervenes directly with the quality, having the producers to make accord with would borracharia of its Z, and with aougue of its Joo, rationing to the maximum the expenses, to give handle to one definitive film. The solution most reasonable, in order to be able to nourish a certain hope of change, consists of investing in the valuation of the national cinema. It is possible to teach the people, exactly that she seems one taken over on a contract basis difficult the principle very, to be acquired knowledge of the value and the necessity to attend our proper productions, in such a way passed how much gifts, of which many of bonanza quality exist, but unhappyly little known, and therefore little appreciated. Education for rescue of cinema national, and big availability of sessions of films national in rooms specific of character public, followed of debate on film with presence of cinfilos, (that it is the work that already has been made with much love, but of shy form for our cineclubistas heroes since the start of the century passed in Brazil) and more transmissions of national films in the opened television channels, perhaps either the start for a more feasible solution in the gift for changing ours situation. Perhaps the legislation could help in this problematic one, for this I consider two possible and feasible measures to start to change the picture of the national films in Brazil of form that at least national films are in an equal level of competition with the foreign films, mainly in relation to the American productions that dominate market national. First I consider a law that demands of the open canals a minimum amount of national films, for month, for example, in way that the Brazilians if accustom to appreciate our national productions. The promulgation of a law is possible also that it demands that in all the cinemas, have a minimum of sessions for national films, with incentives of the government for the reduction in price of the sessions of national films.