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Computer Repair

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Computer-sophisticated appliance. In case of failure, even in the store may refuse to replace it under warranty, so the computer repair service increasing demand, but not always, these services are of good quality and available for poterbitelya? On this and many other things you can find on our site 'Animator computers'. This will help you clear and informative article. Also, you will find reviews of new products computer market. What does it mean to 'fix koipyuter beneficial to themselves'? That means not overpaying for the service, do not pay sharlotanam that not only do not understand the repair of computers, but also asked for their work suspiciously low price, or conversely, unreasonably high. To help you become clear, we give some examples from practice.

Example pervyy.Obratilsya man. It does not work the computer does not turn, gives a blue screen. Our specialist fixed his cause and began to address it. The result of PC is the client dovolen.Govorit that previously called the ad described the problem, he was told that you must reinstall the operating system Windows, and the computer will run like new. In addition, he proposed to establish audio and video codecs and antivirus.

For all this, he requested only 500 rubles. -Come, make-happy customer. Came a young man, was repaired. In finally said that he fixed the computer, took money for work and left. The computer worked long and very slow. Then the problem arose again. The client has to call back and ask him to repair under warranty, to which he replied, that there are no guarantees. Repairs will cost 500 rubles. Of course, upset the client decided to call us. Upon learning of this 'computers Adjuster', we decided to call and talk to him personally. Call-Hello, we are the ad Computers renovating? Yes. – We will not turn on the computer. We do not know what happened to him. – You need to reinstall Windows, put the codecs. All will cost 500 rubles. -Are you sure you can be first to make a diagnosis? This -……… long. Let's come and installed. The computer will work. – What kind of warranty. – There are no guarantees, I do not give guarantees. -And why, then how do you work? Pause. -Where to visit? Thank you, goodbye. A second example. Addressed the man. I bought a computer, order and paid for the installation of the software. Home computer runs very slowly, the game does not run, video files could not be opened, console, steering wheel was not working. For setting pay 4,000 rubles. But the quality of services provided is not comparable to this amount. In This article on ethical grounds, we do not call the organization that are so 'work'. Do not rush to give their money for services that are not announced price. Be vigilant. Demand guarantees, you are eligible.

Calendar Days

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Register account – selected register accounting, which is formed by a list of charges for the calculation of the average wage. 2. Register for limiting the amount of consideration – to be filled in if the registry account of the average wage differs from the account register, which determines amount compared with the sum of the boundary. Acting on a certain amount of time the boundary, over which the data are not included in the calculation of the average wage is introduced at the bottom of the DF "Typical average salary." For example: The amount of the average salary for calculating payment for sick leave account to register the average wage does not include the amount of vacation. But given the amount of vacation total payroll exceeds the sum of the boundary, acting on this period. The average salary for not fully spent a month under the current legislation is necessary to count taking into account the boundary is proportional to the amount of time worked. To account for the amount of vacation the total amount you must select the appropriate registry account in the "Register of accounting for the boundary sum." 3.

Number of months – the number of months involved in the calculation of the average wage. 4. Category timing – category for time in the calculation of the average wage. Can be one of the following: – Calendar Days – When creating transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the determined calendar days during the period.

New Games Best Entertainment

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Each of us, seeks to entertain. This is normal and understandable, even the most stubborn specialist is required periodically to something distracted to allow the brain to relax or try a different kind activity. With the emergence of the ancestors of current computers, which had a tiny screen and memory in a few megs, and began to appear the very first toy. They were badly drawn, the playing field consisted of more, but still the most prominent of these earliest toys today called experts list some of the most exciting ever made types of entertainment. The present-day computer games can not be even more to name just computer games.

Realistic 3d computer graphics, full sound level but divergent lines of the plot make it possible to get sucked into the game with a head for hours and even months. Everyone of us prefer variety of options for computer games. Dreamy-minded girls usually prefer a simulation of the real society, where you can make your perfect pair, and relationships, in addition to finding a job, which in the present the world is not enough skills or level of training. So, who likes to smash his head on a variety of secrets and mysteries to the liking of quests, puzzles full of uneasy. Athletic and restless heart of the game Action, a genus allows you to experience the adrenaline rush of sitting in my room for the PC. Psychoanalysts argue that the choice of games, as well as, for example, favorite dishes and favorite books, it is possible to determine the nature of the individual. All the same, including the most favorite games over time can wear down significantly.

Continuing to buy just released video games is bad for the budget, especially if you have a fashionable prefix. In general, and there is always a chance to stumble upon computer game, which seems zryashnoy waste of free time and finances. That's because computer games can now download the Internet for free. Resources, which placed a toy, it is not exceptionally valuable source for free games. At this point you can get acquainted with the same fans, say quests, and how you personally. Here in the forums you can find the view you just created and toys find out whether you need to try to play themselves. The Internet offers us an invaluable opportunity to determine exactly what to play. And most importantly, in the case, even if you decide to download stuff, it will be nonsense. Computer games are needed, because they can provide food for the brain at a time when, in principle, nothing to do. Most importantly, do not forget that the game world is not real, and not to leave him in the head. Real life is more valuable in any case computer, although from time to time to waste on it really need a larger amount of force.