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There is coincidence of opinion about how the newspaper la Razon manages the public information: Gomez begins the clean in Getafe. This is all intentional, and filtration, with spurious purposes nothing adjusted to reality. I don’t know if the question Councillors vote in favour or against Tomas Gomez, that no one else that they know it. Of what Yes attest, is that the meeting with the newly elected Secretary General, does not occur on the night of Friday to Saturday, but, after the election. In other words, in the night from Saturday to Sunday. I do not know you to negotiate over the presence of Francisco Hita in Bankia enterprises. That is what called hunting. He said that we have talked about the content of the literature and political miseries that contains.

Nobody in their right mind understands that it passes information to the media that way. Everything indicates that this benefits no one. Goal: lose all. But, within the disaster that aim to establish in the pool, I commented cuarentones youth group have already assigned second-hand hunting shotguns and several institutional charges in the future Socialist Government of Getafe. That, is to sell the skin of the bear before hunting it. Although it may seem Kafkaesque, so things happen. Now, without going into analysis of past situations, Yes, I discuss what I think about the genesis of this drama.

All this begins when the Secretary General de Getafe, Pedro Castro, concurrently President of the WEF, pronounced the famous: why is there so much silly of los cojones voting right. That phrase mortgage you and then in all processes that came they force you to pay that nobody from the Federal Socialist direction requested his resignation. Thus, the change of position can be understood when he said that if someone got your hand between Gomez and Castro, pulled the stump. But, I repeat: this is a story passed and settled in the 12 th Regional Congress. Now in Getafe, democracy, unity, loyalty, freedom, and change

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