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The Argentine Government, for its part, considers the Uruguayan as ‘an offense and a tort’ attitude to the Argentine people. The current statutes of UNASUR stated that general Secretary must be appointed unanimously by the twelve partner countries, but that the Argentine Government did transcend that at the Summit of December 16 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, will ask those rules be modified to make the appointment by majority. The Uruguayan position is to defend to strictly the current, or otherwise statutes will retire from UNASUR. Uruguay is not alone: Chile, Paraguay, Peru and, in principle, Brazil, would also be opposed to the appointment of Kirchner, supported instead by Venezuela and Ecuador, among others. Relations between Uruguay and Argentina reached its maximum voltage when both Hispanic political Nations came to the International Tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands, to trial to try and elucidate the conflict pastero.

Although some see in this Uruguayan reaction an excuse to sign free trade agreements with the United States of America, action which carried out, would mean the immediate expulsion of Uruguay of UNASUR. This will be the last major summit in 2008 to the Presidents of the region, which will discuss, together with his ministers of economy and finance, the impact of the global financial crisis and orders for greater controls and regulations of markets advocated by Latin American Nations. Remember, that the Union of South American Nations (known by its acronym UNASUR) is a political and economic community that integrates to the twelve independent countries of South America. It reminds us, Cuba entering the mechanism of the Rio Group, composed of 22 countries that meet regularly to discuss common issues, will be a crucial point of the meeting, which Raul Castro, who succeeded his brother Fidel after almost 50 years in power, will be the protagonist.

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