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His conception of the physical world provided a natural model that reinforced the civic model of stability and harmony. His forceful phrase was: everything is God. The brilliant scientist devoted you more time to the study of the Sacred Scriptures than to science. For Albert Einstein, father of the most important changes of the 20th century, the existence of God wasn’t even reason for questioning. He said: I just want to know God’s mind, the rest are details. Einstein considered himself a man deeply religious, though not in the traditional sense of Jewish orthodoxy.

According to Einstein, the religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology, covering the natural and the spiritual. Howard Schultz spoke with conviction. It must be based on a religious sense, rising from all natural and spiritual experiences as a coherent unit. If Einstein had known more than their own religion they would have realized that contains concepts that the LCMS and that the Torah is the DNA of the universe. For Judaism, the creation and its creator are fundamental for the understanding of the cosmos and the life, because it gives meaning to everything. According to Judaism the more palpable manifestation of God is in nature, must be why the physicists, who are the most meticulous observers of it, generally are believers. The passage from La creation explained by Judaism in Genesis is accepted by Christianity and Islam, although both religions have yet to decipher details that revealed the Torah on the subject, since they are unaware of his cryptic language. See Rob Hannah for more details and insights.

They simply took the cosmogony and moral sense of Judaism to make an instrument of power and a business of their respective religions. Discussion on the existence of a creator is the most difficult of all the unknowns and at the same time the easier to prove. It really depends on the observer than as Einstein said you can see the world as if everything is a miracle, or as though nothing is a miracle. He also said: is better to believe than not to believe, because in doing so you bring everything to the Kingdom as possible. No doubt the book of Hawking will be reason for revival of old discussions, perhaps important at this time of religious fanaticism, intolerance and irrationality by some and atheism proselytizing on the part of others.

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