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Posted by Ralf on May 20th, 2016 — Posted in News

Only 2 months ago he told me the cherished words: "Marry me! 'And then the sounds otzvuchali wedding march, and on my finger flaunts gorgeous wedding ring. But do not just ring has become so precious a gift. The main surprise for me was our new kitchen. It looked like the picture in the magazine: it has style and felt it was equipped with advanced built-in appliances. I'm not going to spend in the kitchen all his spare time, but quiet exhaust Cata, hob and oven, persuaded me of this.

I was so excited that just such assistants will accompany me in a culinary endeavor. I am confident that with this hob first pancake will not be a success, and even when there bad and something escapes, prigorit – he did not notice because my hood completely destroy all the telltale odors. What kind of cakes and other baked goods will need to do in the wind cabinet. A year later. He did not cease to be surprised all the time to ask the same question: "When you have time to do everything? ". I just smile mysteriously back. My secret – it is my delightful kitchen helpers! The hob is not only decoration, but also helps to make a lot of goodies with ease. Plates with different capacity, with a stable flame gives an even heating and cooking as quickly as possible. A glass floor on surface of the panel provides care for her strikingly easy thing. During the year, my kitchen has not changed: there are no traces of soot and grease.

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