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Refrigerator Nord – money that has become a tradition Why do we choose a refrigerator Nord? Today, in cities such as Minsk, you can buy any fridge – from budget to the national brand of premium world-famous brands. But Nord refrigerators in the Republic of Belarus enjoy stable demand. It is not just a tribute to tradition, habit, left over from Soviet times, though, and then produce the Donetsk plant refrigerators (the flagship modern corporation Nord) was high quality and reliability. Over the years, as a result of renovations, the introduction of new technologies, development of a stylish European design, refrigerator Nord unit was a high class, to the best world standards. However, this device has other, no less tangible benefits. The fact is that, unlike the imported products, it is fully adapted to work in domestic conditions. Unstable supply voltage, frequent power cuts – he does not care a straw! In our internet shop offers the widest selection of refrigerators Nord – from the simplest single-chamber models, to the most expensive ones, belonging to the premium segment.

No other salon in Minsk you will not find such variety and such low prices. Our consultants will introduce you to the technical characteristics of a modification, will talk about its features and help you get the best for your refrigerator. New technique refrigerator nord – a device that meets the highest European standards quality. First of all, it refers to its compressor – in fact, since 2000's, these units are equipped with refrigerators Italian firm bono.

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