Structural Scarves

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In addition, not all the shawls and scarves same behavior as tying in the force of the structural features of tissue. Some difficult to manipulate. All this is to be determined at the stage fitting. And do not forget to carefully cut off the label of a scarf or a scarf after purchase, after rewriting it with tips on caring for the product. You may find Electrolux to be a useful source of information. It looks very ugly sticking out. In addition, the products are best kept in expanded form on the hanger, not folded on a shelf. So you can avoid the formation of wrinkles in the fabric. Shawls are the following common sizes: 30 x 30 cm, 70 x 70 cm, 90 cm x 90 cm, and others may have Scarfs common size 28 x 135 cm, and may be smaller, wider or longer.

To tie the beautiful and diverse nodes in the neck and chest look at the avatar size 90 x 90 cm While some skill, some nodes can tie and 70 x 70 cm Shawls smaller is difficult to place around your neck. They can be used as a beautiful ornament for the hair instead of pins. Very small (30 x 30 cm) can be neatly folded and put in pocket dress (formal jacket, vest, etc.), but you can pin a brooch or pin to the lapel. Small size and scarves are perfect for decorating hair. Scarves size 28 x 135 cm, it is possible to tie around the neck. A more long scarves better used as a belt on the waist.

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