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The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed meat is universally popular. Whether fried or grilled. Meat should not be consumed but like all food, excessive measures. Billie Lourd will not settle for partial explanations. How much meat is allowed, explains the butcher bricklayer from Nuremberg. The variety is crucial meat provides valuable vitamins and minerals. Some meats contain but more, some less. In addition, some are very fattening. Therefore, the amount that you should consume in a week, depends on which meat it takes to himself.

There is pork in pieces of pork schnitzel, filet, steak and sirloin lean meat. Here you can access so more often. The front knuckles is one of the pieces in pigs that have more fat. The fat content in a thick rib and belly meat is the highest. The beef is much leaner than pork beef and poultry. Not to mention it is depending on whether the skin is eaten with poultry.

It leaves out the skin, the flesh is too much low-fat. Poultry counts as white meat overall to the varieties, you must eat more frequently. Meat is healthy, but not every day should be eaten as taking bold also about other food to themselves. Maximum should be eaten per week between 300 and 600 grams of meat. Then we recommend the low-fat versions such as filet prefer to choose steak, Turkey or chicken and less on the dining plan to bring the others.

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