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Otherwise, business will not happen, the people around you hire obvedut finger, there will be big steal and you do not earn. We note the main production stages: 1. Preparation of wort. 2. The fermentation of wort by yeast. 3.

Also, the beer should be virtuous to the full product. Filtration and pasteurization is required for bottling beer in bottles (glass, aluminum). Of course, for small businesses is an additional cost and may not be cost effective. Therefore it is sometimes more profitable to sell in barrels. Also Mini-breweries are divided into two categories: work only on malt and malt extract to work.

Of course, the number two option for you is more suitable and much cheaper than the first. Certification of beer is not required, but must obtain the opinion of the SEA. In our country it does not spend any time or money to sell without first checking the documents. Therefore, to avoid large fines must have at least some documents for this product. Raw materials for beer production, as we know, are: malt, hops, water and yeast. Each of these ingredients has several varieties of this, of course, depends on the range and variety of your products. Special attention should be paid to the water. Soft water allows you to get the most delicious beer. In various regions differ in the degree of water hardness, so you may have to buy filters for cleaning and improving its quality. Where to get raw materials for new business? There are several options: 1. Import malt from abroad, but it is advantageous for large parties. If possible, you can join with other producers 2. Buy from suppliers, where to purchase equipment. 3. Acquire a large beer producers. To sell its products will never cause any problems, just set the barrels for beer. Unit cost kit will cost you $ 650 within. Basic costs can be from 2 million. Brings from 151-201 rubles. dohoda.Udachnogo you monthly business CH-Potato – the business of manufacturing chips

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