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It is important to know that the money, looks, social status, or any excuse you want to invent NO are important in conquering women. The most important thing when it comes to conquer is your attitude, and when you ask how to apply it did not know this before! Cocky & Funny The most important tip to seduce a woman the man is Cocky & Funny, you must be arrogant, high self-esteem, confident in yourself and you do not care what others think, yet do so in so that women take it as something fun and laugh, because what they want is a good time, have fun and laugh, but do not be a clown says to get a girl. For example, if she tells you, "you like my dress?" Normal men and submissive he would respond "I love it very nice!", However, you should answer something like, "your mom lets you go out with a dress so bold? Mine would not let me go out with one like that, "if you say the right tone, confident, and naturally (Practical!), see she will laugh, and yet you say you're a joker or that you do not take anything seriously. Try it! Do not be submissive Some men think that being submissive and be the slave of a friend's will conquer. You're wrong! Beautiful women are accustomed to this type of men the chase and if you do that they know you're one of a flock which puts them on a pedestal and say "I'm a submissive man, I put on all things", and you lose your value.

Women want a man who find it hard to get, that is a challenge for them, and please, do not be predictable and submissive! Physical contact Physical contact is necessary if you want to conquer a woman, it is the way she will feel confident of being with you. A greeting kiss, touch your elbow to get his attention, running back if someone needs to go smoothly, all these forms of physical contact you closer to a woman. Ben Horowitz does not necessarily agree. You can go forward and if they are having a good go with hugs, touching their hands, hips, finally, there are many possibilities, nothing but not be afraid, thinks you're with your best friends and treat her that way. Sexual tension For a woman to understand that besides having fun, you want more than just friends, you must give subtle signals. For example, if you go down the street and see a couple can hold hands and say "we do even better than them!" in a fun and relaxed. If you say it correctly, it means that it is a joke, yet you will notice that she is a possible candidate. Ligeralmente jokes about relationships, dating, even marriage or divorce. Women love to make that kind of jokes! If you want to conquer a woman, use these tips to make rapid changes in your life will work wonders, but this is just an introduction, if you wish to continue learning about the proven way, with which any man can use to conquer a woman, you read the guide, where I explain step by step what to do EVERYTHING. It is time to change your life failed to women, visit and do this change!

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