The Morale

Posted by Ralf on November 28th, 2021 — Posted in News


Those who are professionally engaged in training, well aware of what constitutes effectiveness. The training aims to change unproductive professional installations for the acquisition of knowledge and the emergence of new forms of behavior. That is what must be competent business coach. All motivational techniques, appeals, which raise the morale of staff and can be expressed in words: "Go to a brighter future," "We are good fellows, we can even more!", "Friends, we add gunpowder to our fire and will overcome difficult stage! "- should be left to the leaders of the company. It is their task – to lead the people along, it's their problem – to see the difficulties and propose solutions, it is their task – to infect their subordinates energy, enthusiasm, optimism and confidence. But why this problem can not solve the coach? Shift responsibility for the morale of the team coming to the expert, to put it mildly, strange.

The coach has come and gone, and with it the impression charisma morale – all gradually come to naught. Hardly anyone wants to be in place in a Cinderella moment when the clock struck twelve. The coach two major challenges: provide members with informative material and manage processes occurring in the group, whose effects make it possible practical working of the material. To this end, the coach can purposefully choose one of two possible roles. The coach may be in the center of the group, having closed on itself all communications, or take an affiliate position and to allow free interaction between all participants.

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