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The behavior or life expectancy of the individual occurs at a certain time and within a social group specific, with obstacles that will be given by their birth and degree of development in the socioeconomic status to which it belongs, either, by the overcoming degree that motivates its acts, or to grow, to remain or to stagnate. Crimson Education brings even more insight to the discussion. PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS These are the motivating potentials that allow the individual to make decisions, everything on the base of previously presented/displayed. Next the main triggers are described that take part in the processes of the thought for the decision making, which entails to an action. Cultural, determined by the sociocultural surroundings of the consumer. Status, determined by the socioeconomic level; the consumption grows generally, in the measurement that rises the socioeconomic level.

Affective, determined by the degree of acceptance or social or group rejection to own or not a good. Necessity, determined by the real necessity of a product for the conventional life. Standardization or masificacin, as a product is owned by the majority of the people lifts the pressure so that those that has not yet it buy it. EFFECTS OF THE CONSUMPTION Global: The consumption is harmful for the ecological balance in its totality since at the moment many problems related to the excessive consumption of natural resources exist that becomes at world-wide level as well as the one that the processes of production in their great majority generate contamination. Regional: The unnecessary or easily replaceable product preference of a population that is produced in another region helps to unbalance the trade balance between the regions. Social: Frequently aid to maldistribution of the wealth, since the consumers are generally of a socioeconomic level inferior that the owners of the generating companies of products consumption objects. Relative: When falling in the consumption we increased our expenses of unnecessary form buying things that we could avoid or reduce as products whose publicity promises miracles, products of life utility loss or products substitutes of other natural ones.

Personnel: Diverse consumer options are less healthful than those than they are not it. For example, to be made a juice of orange in house instead of buy one packaging that besides containing preservative, comes with packages that finish in the inorganic sweepings. Cultural: Transmitting the cultural expressions as of sense and values modify in such a way that today the young person of the generation that is forming, it is preparation to consume and it does not stop to be an independent and critical person.

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