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Did I tell you the reason for this list and its importance, the negative things, what we don’t want conspires against our dreams, like that little inner voice that told you at some point in our lives? No, you can not achieve such a thing, you’re not able to and we believed him and the universe said your desires are orders therefore important not forget anything, put all not that we have been dragging and not allow us to grow and burn it, forget it and at the moment that we burn it, feel that all that negative is converted into energy positive and fills you with joy, peace, and if take out you a great heavy backpack and quedas livianito, happy. There is a beautiful exercise, which made me very well do, view gift boxes and placed inside each one moment, or a painful situation which you feel that you frame your life and when you you move closer to open it, it feels that everything that comes out of the box is positive energy, is the positive energy that is going to help fulfill your dreams. Charles Kushner addresses the importance of the matter here. So you will be able to transform every painful moment in positive energy and you will feel not only that you could empty the glass, but it begins to fill with clean water, to fill in the list of your dreams. Original author and source of the article.

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