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Lactose Intolerance

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

The intolercia the lactose even so reaches a considerable parcel of the world-wide population and Brazilian still she is unknown of many and little diagnosised. It is truth well that its symptoms easily are confused with diverse other problems, and only with a specific examination asked for by the doctor specialized in the digestive device it can be diagnosised. The intolerncia the lactose does not pass of a simple lack or reduction of the production of the enzyme lactase for the organism. This enzyme lactase has the function to break the lactose in two less complex parts and to liberate them sanguineous current it. With the lack of the enzyme lactase this does not happen, or happens very precariously, and all the consumed lactose goes to overload the intestine, and not to cover its natural way that would be for the sanguineous chain as glucose and galactose. One of the examinations most common is the ingestion of a certain amount of lactose and gradual checks in the amount of glucose in the blood. Through this test it is possible to know if the amount of sugar in the blood is of agreement with the amount of consumed lactose, and to diagnosis in this way a deficiency in the work them enzymes lactase, obviously for the lack or small number of these. After the diagnosis the carrying person of this intolerncia must take the necessary cares with the feeding for one better quality of life, in case that it wants to become free of the incovenientes as nauseas, gases, diarrias and all more than the intolerncia the lactose unhappyly provides. The lactose enters the common methods to prevent the problems of the intolerncia is the complete food withdrawal that possesss lactose in its composition and the ingestion of the enzyme lactase that it can be industrial or manipulated. Array may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is good for knowing that the problem can have simple solutions and that the more people if to diagnosis intolerantes more the nourishing industry will go to aim the eyes to this parcel of the population and to launch products without the lactose, what already comes sufficiently lately happening.

Hong Kong

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

The reason of this was that the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) recognized that the circulation of the virus was of control and its propagation already gave a continent for more than. Thus, in day 11 of June of 2009, the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) decreed pandemic officially to it: the pandemic of influenza A (H1N1). 1,4 Description brief of the great grippes of History In the Antiquity, in century V Hipcrates B.C. told first the suspicion of infection for the Influenza virus, that it described as cases of a respiratory illness that, in some weeks, killed many people and later it disappeared. In century XIX, 1889, were told the first epidemic of grippe that led to the death about 300 a thousand people, mainly aged. Additional information is available at bobby bland. In century XX, 1918, the Spanish Grippe if became memorable for having reached about 50% of the world-wide population and more than took to the death 40 million people. One tells that, in Brazil, 35 a thousand people had more than come to falecer.

Thus, the Spanish Grippe, in a series of four epidemic waves, in the period of 1918-1920, if had become, until then, the modern parameter of pandemic of influenza had its fast dissemination and incomparable virulence. Sheep et alii comments: The pandemic of influenza, in this period, infectou, approximately, 600,000 of people and caused enters the 40.000 100,000 deaths, world-wide. Salient that the notification was only of more serious cases and that the registers were precarious. (SHEEP ET ALII, 2010, P. 207) In the East, it had famous grippes. The Asian grippe, in 1957, vitimou, in six months, about a million of people in the whole world. Already the grippe of Hong Kong, in 1968, produced an epidemic of great extension, that if propagated to world. In 2003, it had one I occasion of the aviria grippe in Asia, that reached 121 people and killed 62 people in that continent.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

It specifically deals with the treatment of the cancer of breast in Porto Velho and aims at to the conditions of the public health (in the definitive field), the treatment, and difficulties faced for the women to be treated in the city of Porto Velho, located in the State of Rondnia. It focuses to facilitate to the process of treatment of the cancer of breast in the city of Porto Velho by means of the information on the preventive methods and spreading of the treatment methods, as well as clarifying the current situation of the professionals of the nursing area who deal with the patients. Since in the majority of the cases the doctors possess its horria load of congested work and the professionals of the nursing area assume the role of the doctors. The general objective is to facilitate the treatment process, being thus, also we will divulge which are the methods of prevention of the breast cancer and as to treat it case it is diagnosised. At ford you will find additional information. But he still fits to clarify as he mainly comes being treat the subject for local authorities and the situation, the preparation, at last, the conditions of the professionals of the nursing area that comes taking care of these patients. In the work, the theoretical development in the ones backwards on what main authors think on the cancer of breast, its history, factors of risk and prevention. Beyond, we will find the part that treats on on jurisdiction to our subject, making in more understanding a little to them on rights in this occasion. Following an inquiry methodology in I lease and bibliographical in intention to solve the problematic one and to lead to the women, academics, doctors and nurses and until jurists a real perspective of the situation found in the capital. eady – you may have come to the same conclusion. 1 HEALTH OF the WOMAN the health is one of the basic rights of the human being.

Emergency Intra

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

*Enfermeiro Assistencial of the Unit of Intensive Therapy of the Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Barbacena? MG; Specialist in Emergency Intra-hospital Daily pay and; After graduating Intensive Therapy Adulta and Neonatal. Without worrying very me in me to base on some scientific theory or something seemed, I initially decided to carry through informal colloquies with each employee at moments that if made opportune, as for example, the moment of the coffee where I and it were only, in the schedule of rest, intervals, among others. Later still in informal way, it carried through more employee colloquies with two or together ones. It is important to emphasize that the informal colloquies had subjects that they varied since personal problems, loving, family, job, finances, at last, subjects that are current in any environment, as in house, the street, and also in the work. Thus, I could have an individual notion of each person of the nursing team, as its desires, its vanities, its fears, its hopes.

With the time it was possible to make with that the team enxergasse the nurse as plus one between them and not it ' ' um' ' that it is close to it, only in the position of supervision or ' ' chefia' '. Later to this experience, together with the team, we decide then to monthly carry through fast meetings, during the work hours, when thus one became possible. In the first carried through meeting, I looked for to leave explicit the necessity that I had in knowing the professional difficulties of each employee. Diverse difficulties as techniques in procedures, theoretical knowledge and mainly interpersonal relation. I also informed the desire of that any type of insatisfao in relation to the supervision of Nursing in the planto was directed me. I found certain resistance in hearing the questionings in relation to the difficulties of interpersonal relationship, fact this that many times I came across myself in the executed plantes, however believed that to the first experience such situation would occur.

Domiciliary Internment

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Care still exists the resistance of some doctors how much to the efficiency of home. The great advantage for the investor is that with the use I domiciliate of it as space of attention, can be rationalized the use of the hospital stream beds, beyond constructing to a new logic of attention centered in the monitoring the health and humanizao of the attention. In Brazil, the private companies widely are engaged in the installment of this service. The high costs with hospitalizations take this sector to believe that if it can spend little with the desospitalizao, decentralizing the service and offer quality. The private service part I begin of, to offer it more for less, that is, the cost is lesser for the company, with greater benefits for the customer, satisfying all its necessities and of its familiar ones that in this type of attention, they actively participate of all the involved processes. RESULTS AND QUARRELS Through an interview with the directly on managers with the service of Domiciliary Internment, where it is related, the importance of the service and the economy generated for the company due one Real and important reduction of costs, as well as satisfaction of the customer with the offered service.

As story of the managers, is the three main reasons that had taken the Institution to initiate the service of Domiciliary Internment: the reduction of costs gotten, that is, economy for company; the social aspects, that is, vacant limitation in the institutions, reinternaes e; the psychological aspects, bigger shelter and individualizado treatment. Beyond the reduction of costs to be sufficiently significant, the managers see the project of positive form a time that allows the work of a team to multidiscipline acting of interactive form, with humanizado attendance, making possible a faster recovery, leaving that the hospitals for its bigger function, the attendance of emergencies. Through carried through research of satisfaction between patients taken care of for the Domiciliary Internment, he has yourself that 98% of the interviewed ones are satisfied with the service developed for the Institution in study.