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Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

The space, located just outside the front door is very important. Through the hallway of chi energy takes place in your house, filling it with positive energy. Lulu Simon contains valuable tech resources. Therefore, the hall should be freed from all sorts of trash and unneeded items, chi should enter into your home without hindrance, but in this case, its positive impact on your life will be unlimited. If the front door opens into a broad, nezastavlennoe space in large lobby or hallway, then talk about the effect of "clear the room." Large mirrors prevent stagnation of energy in the narrow or premises and, therefore, indispensable for small hallways and corridors. Hang a mirror so that it gave the impression of space, but in any case not in front of the door, otherwise it will dissipate the good luck. If your house has long hallways and corridors with tight corners, paint them in white and bright cover.

This will prevent the stagnation of good energy and their transformation into unfavorable, harmful to residents. Elements Wood, Fire and water contributes to success. Water gives life to the tree on which the warmth of Fire fruits ripen. Hallways should be brightly lit and warm in winter. Decorate them with plants and put some water element, with a picture of water, a small aquarium or fountain to enhance prosperity. This advice is suitable and reception in the office. If you want to install a water element in the hallway, then it should be located to the left of the door, if we look at the door from inside the building, and the need to create the impression that the water flows inward rather than flows out.

Fantastic Reflections Mosaic

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

It would not go forward today new technology, no matter how varied preferences and tastes, one thing remains the same preference, the preference and practicality of natural resources and natural materials, natural stones and to this day the most popular and practical. It would seem, for selected metals, glass mixtures, ceramics, natural stones, and other raw materials are not able to individually recreate into something so special that would have grasped spirit, but when you combine small elements of all of the components, and to put something bright floors, walls, ceiling and any other surface, you get a unique mosaic trophy. Today, original products from the mosaic are endless for opportunities, glass mosaics not only serves the art coating, but also a great material for creating original 'accents' in the interior, creating unique and intricate patterns, is a fashionable finish for fireplaces furniture objects, decorating rooms, saunas, baths and so on, just glass mosaic is durable and resistant to external factors, has high water resistance. The classic response to a mosaic of glazes, still remains the most refined version of the design of decorative panels. Stone is used mainly to create a durable, outdoor images; metal – to add decor features and modern spirit, granite – to finish public buildings. Mosaics and limitless imagination to, firstly there are practically no restrictions for the background, in ancient times were the most exquisite mosaics on a gold background, and secondly by using the mosaic, you can create a unique masterpiece of decor, which will be a real luxury decoration for your environment. Manufacture of mosaic is a complex and delicate creative process, in which involving both artists and designers, chemists and technologists, as well as specialists in packing. Ceramic mosaic – it is nothing like small ceramic tiles.

Glazed ceramic mosaic designs are ideal for pools and bathrooms. Not glazed ceramic mosaic tiles can be a special highlight of the interior rooms, living room, other equally relevant and other species: ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic, and mosaic of marble. Mosaic of marble – the craft handed down from generation to generation, continually evolving with time. Mosaic of marble is durable materials for finishing the interior of the premises, the original laying floors, walls, stairs, and also for decorating and finishing the outer part, the same walls, paths, decorating the facade. In ancient times mosaic was mainly the object of a high and fine art in our days of, the mosaic was excellent material for unique finishes and decorating the premises of individual objects. The correct choice of colors, materials and textures – the key to success for creating something special and stands out in our environment.