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All we ever encountered in my life if not shipping to other cities, then the move from address to address exactly. I think you should not speak of the difficulties encountered and how much spent the nerve is a relocation. Additional information at Ben Horowitz supports this article. How to choose a transport company that will transport and cargo, and nerves to save money? The most important rule – do not delay the choice of the transport company at the last moment. With probability 99% if you call Carrier and state that you need an hour or a gazelle wagon for carrying cargo – you will be denied due to lack of free transport. Why? Because trucks are not standing still, he is constantly moving the expanses of our country. Vehicles must not stand, it should work and be profitable. Therefore it is necessary to determine in advance with the date of shipment and notify the carriers of at least 24 hours, preferably for 2-3 days. What is inform the carrier.

First, it is certainly the route. On the question "How and where we carry cargo?" Begins a conversation with the dispatcher. Incidentally, the same may result because Many shipping companies operate only in certain field of transportation. For example, having only the rolling stock dvadtsatitonnye trucks, a company engaged in cargo transportation exclusively in Russia and did not carry the goods through the city from street to street. Or conversely, specializes only in residential and office moving, and is armed with a small gazelle. Next, begin to figure out what all still need to carry.

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