Residual Blood From The Umbilical Cord

Posted by Ralf on November 21st, 2019 — Posted in News

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Umbilical cord contain undifferentiated and adjustable stem cell placenta residual blood from the umbilical cord as a life insurance policy? A great debate is been rekindled in medical research. Because cord blood is becoming increasingly important when it comes to curing diseases. However suspect the business with the stem cells also provider for the storage of this blood and thus earn millions. What is placenta residual blood and umbilical cord blood? The umbilical cord can be obtained at the Abnabeln. The stem cells that are valuable, because they are still undifferentiated and can be changed. Already, defects of the blood-forming system, leukemia and metabolic diseases can be treated so. The stem cells are very similar to the embryonic cells, advantage is that this blood without any moral concerns can be obtained and used without genetic experiments. Especially, no risk or even pain for child or mother is in the collection of umbilical cord blood.

The extraction of stem cells from the spinal cord is Yes long known, these cells are already done developed and have not so great potential. The business with the blood from the umbilical cord it smell more and more vendors doing business with the placenta residual blood. The blood can be frozen for about 2000 euro. The parents of unborn will be in Vista, so that in the future most likely diseases of their children can be cured, and the stem cells can be used even for the production of brain and heart tissue. However, no solid facts are that, because it is not explored, all with stem cells grown can still there are scientific experiences with prolonged freezing of blood. Because eventually most diseases occur only in a higher age and how much blood over 20, 30 or even 40 years can be frozen, is not explored in science so far. It would be better to donate the blood to public umbilical cord banks, doctors advise. Because with this donation of placenta residual blood lives of other patients can be saved.

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