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Find the appropriate laser or ultrasonic rangefinder. To measure distances is now much easier than in the past. With the help of ultrasound or laser, extremely accurate results can be achieved within a few milliseconds removal blades. Ultrasonic and laser based both on the principle of the direct run timing odometer. That is, that a sound wave is sent out and the time is stopped, until she arrives back in the unit. The distance travelled is using the runtime and the propagation speed easily calculate. The difference between ultrasonic and laser is measuring instruments, measuring laser very much more accurate than ultrasound.

Already from a few meters, ultrasonic is very inaccurate. Therefore, laser measuring devices are also slightly more expensive than those based on ultrasound. The laser class at the laser distance meter is always laser class 2. This is safe for the skin of a person. In your eyes you should get but still the laser beam. For less than a second the laser radiation can already Retinal attack and destroy. Some factors play a role in choosing the appropriate distance meter selection of suitable distance meter. It wants to spend not too much money for something the features you don’t need all.

The most important question one should ask before buying is: there should be an exatke measurement or only for distances that even 1-2 may deviate from the correct distance meter? Latter is the case Gage is accessible back without problems on a cheap. Once a removal but exactly should be up to a few millimeters, a laser rangefinder is the more appropriate product. A laser distance meter can measure very well also on 100 meters. Even one of the cheap versions can be purchased for the measurement of residential premises. You get one up from 100 euros. For longer distances you should make sure that the laser beam is strong enough, that you can still aim at the target on long distance. In addition, a target assistance in the form of a target plate or a digital display is to recommend to the meter itself. Who wants to is exactly can buy even a tripod to do this, so that one danger not to wiggle during the measurement. A laser beam is fast, but the more measured, the longer this needs until he arrives back in the device. Consider so before buying whether the odometer used in indoor or outdoor use and how precise he is then ultimately measure. Then you run the risk too much money for the new meter keienswegs to spend. Simon rueger

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