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When windows, doors or furniture are manufactured and installed in the apartment, the consumer is offered to sign the act of Acceptance of works. Before you do this, it is necessary to ascertain quality of construction and installation. And, of course, you should not sign the act until the job is completed and deficiencies remain. Often there: defects and marriage found after some time after completion. Lawyers explain that, under Article 5 of the Law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights, during the warranty period, the buyer has the right to file a complaint about any disadvantages, ie to require correction of deficiencies or marriage, even if they were not identified immediately.

A consumer can carry out repairs for their money, and then, referring to article 29 of the same law, to put the company at the expense of compensation for costs incurred. If you want peace – prepare for war Suppose, complaints and claims, had no effect, and you continue to “feed” tales about the intervention of supernatural forces. Hence, it is time to start active combat operations and protect their rights as a consumer. To get started is to write the supplier’s official claim on a special form, which is better to fill with a lawyer. In a paper to describe the essence problem and specify the period within which the requirements must be met (usually 10-14 days). Many writers such as Michael Antonov offer more in-depth analysis.

For unfair firm that document – a final warning, which indicates that you are not going to tolerate fraud and hack. If in due time the firm did not eliminate the disadvantages have to sue in court. But remember, to demand justice is possible only if a written contract with the firm, as well as payment receipts and act acceptance. For assistance in compiling the statement of claim is better to turn to lawyers with experience representing the arbitral tribunal. Always ready to advise and local Office of the Federal Service for Supervision Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (). “In a case the court is guided guests as mandatory standards, which must comply with all construction companies – Notes Alina Domkina lawyer. – And if the independent review showed that the defect or deficiency has arisen due to violation of relevant rules, the case is decided in favor of the consumer. ” Thus, the reluctance of unfair producers or the seller to fix the marriage can be disguised even by stories about the anomaly, poltergeists and other otherworldly cause. But these “storytellers” can always be put in place by the Law on Protection of Rights consumers “. And not to spend time and nerves in the fight for our rights, trust is the companies that operate on the market and can confirm the qualifications of relevant certificates.

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