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This article simply wishes to draw to the reflection on this exciting topic that can have so many implications in our lives from the everyday up to levels of global survival. The environment is becoming a source of competitive advantage: rationalizing the consumption of natural resources, promotes technological development, improves the image of the brand, the company and the product, increases the chances to penetrate other markets, and almost always increases the satisfaction of its employees and customers. We insist that there must be one linking companies with the protection of the environment, where his management really undertakes to ensure that production processes, the same products manufacturing are not pollutants in the environment where they operate. Administrators who consider the environment as a key strategic factor have given the blank. Manage currently translates into having clear and present at all times the concept of social responsibility and does not imagine an organization surrounded by vegetation and fauna making contrast with a building of iron and concrete; is internalizing the culture of protecting the environment in the Organization, no matter the same dimensions or the number of employees that this owned by you, the important thing is to achieve not only identify with the objectives of the company that they adopt the culture of preservation because this causes not only economic benefits, but it provides personal benefits with respect to health and mental well-being of individuals. Some pioneers have anticipated and have taken very important and profound changes in its environmental culture, in the mode of addressing the problems and seek solutions. They use their bet by the care of the environment as an asset of the organization. A good manager will always pursue the benefit of your organization but if natural resources are used properly this can get: saving of deduct me them, rates, royalties, environmental taxes, etc.; savings in fines and penalties; saving on insurance premiums; deductions for green investments; Access to favourable credit conditions.

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