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In the development of internet business you want to write the article. Your articles will be considered a very wide range of questions that you answer in the article. Article – this is copyrighted material, and for the creation of any article should spend a certain amount of time. In a book dedicated to the subject of writing articles, I read quite an interesting paragraph in which it was that one day, it turns out, you can write articles 50-100. This paragraph is me very interested. I was curious, but how could I write articles for one day? But such an experiment, I did not hold. Charles Kushner Real Estate gathered all the information.

I decided to just count how many I need time to write just one article. As example, I found the time in which I wrote my previous article: “Which site to choose for a successful start your online business?”. You can read this article by clicking on the link below:. Thus, we expand the entire process of creating articles on the shelves. Step number 1. The idea idea of the article article should already be in your head or, better yet, written in a notebook. If you have ideas for articles, you’ll have to do its search. And it’s too time-consuming.

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