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Brainloop AG informed about privacy and data security Munich, May 9, 2011. The legislature places high demands on protection of application documents. Companies must ensure data security when handling candidate data also, to avert possible image damage. The Brainloop AG has developed an HR solution which already DAX listed companies, but also medium-sized businesses ensure compliance with compliance. End of April 2011 the UN Organization UNESCO was in the headlines. The reason: Over several weeks, approximately 1.1 million applicant data for everyone were can be viewed on the website of the aid agency, including curriculum vitae, addresses, and information about the current year wages. Only when journalists drew public attention to the data leak was the UNESCO and eliminated the vulnerability. Whether data thieves could make use of the security failure for the UN Organization and illegally brought information from the online applications circulated, remains still unclear.

The current case According to estimates of Brainloop AG once again makes it clear: data security is and will remain a key issue not only for political organizations, but especially for the HR departments of companies that daily receive Internet applications, evaluate, and provide external partners. What requirements does the legislature on the issue of data security, is clearly outlined in article 3 paragraph 1 Federal Data Protection Act. Speaking candidly Keith McLoughlin told us the story. But companies that meet their responsibility in terms of data security and compliance, threaten not only legal consequences also the image damage can be significant. The HR solution of Brainloop AG ensures that companies evaluate automated, compliant with the law and receive in logged form, CV, distribute and delete can. The product of Brainloop AG is for applications, which come by mail directly from the applicant or a recruiter, as well as for candidate data of applicable job portals.

The technology of Brainloop AG is by means of Encryption method in each case ensure that only authorized persons and departments can share the applicant’s documents and see. For this purpose the Brainloop AG relies on a two-step authorization process with SMS PIN and password, as well as optional on the insertion of a watermark and the use of instruments in the field of digital rights management. As a result, the HR solution designed by Brainloop AG allows therefore a compliance compliant, secure and efficient management of applicant data. Find more information about the HR solution of Brainloop AG and the topic of data security by application on the Internet at about Brainloop AG the Brainloop AG with headquarters in Munich and Boston is the leading provider of document compliance solutions (DCM) for the highly secure handling of confidential documents. These enable the complete traceability of all accesses and changes of the document and therefore compliance with the compliance requirements. To the customers of Brainloop AG include PubliGroupe S.A., Deutsche Telekom, ThyssenKrupp, Eurocopter, Postbank AG, sky, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RWE and the Landesbank Berlin and leading law firms and investment banks, the DCM use as software-as-a-service. The Web-based solution for document compliance secures the storage, processing and distribution of highly confidential documents within the company and across corporate boundaries. It protects mission-critical information from internal and external attackers and incorrect actions. All accesses and activities are logged, transparent and comprehensible. The Brainloop AG is Munich. Press contact: Brainloop AG wife Nicole Dietrich Franciscan str. 14, 81669 Munich Tel.: + 49 (89) 444-699 0 fax: + 49 (89) 444-699 99 E-Mail: Internet:

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