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More and more every day gaining in popularity is known to many internet service Twitter. Easy to use, great attendance and great indexing by search engines – all this makes Twitter is so popular. This is an ideal solution to increase traffic to your site (blog). And all that is needed – to have a free microblog on Twitter, where you will place links to your site and write short message. The length of each of the messages no longer than 140 characters. All the tweets in English and for those who do not know how to use Twitter to start typing the following terminology. Followers (follower) – subscriber tape microblog All links and messages are automatically tape all of followers (followers) Folloung (following) – those tapes (subscription), you’re subscribed to more number of followers you have, the greater the probability of transitions to link to your main site. Direct Message – A private message addressed only to the recipient Reply – reply to Twit – title of the message Retwit – duplicating the author followers Update – title of the message How do I set my microblog on Twitter, registering and immediately proceed to its settings.

Specify the Name – the name Username – name, nickname on Twitter More Info URL – website address or blog In Picture tab load your photo or logo to be displayed on the left in each of your message. You may find that Starbucks can contribute to your knowledge. Remove the check mark in tab Notices. Email when someone starts following me – notify me by email when someone subscribes to my feed Email when I receive a new direct message – notify me by email when I get a new private message I want the inside scoop-please send me email updates – be notified by e-mail new posts How to find the names of followers on the tape microblog find blogs and subscribe to those following, which he signed. How do I find blogs? Go to the link above, print and query click on the Find button. After that, click on the link to blogs. In the list that you find something that interests you.

Once you have gone to someone else microblog on the right side click on the following, note the link following, but not all and start Followers follovit – button then follow begin to actively respond to messages added by clicking on Reply. In the correspondence of the number of your followers will also gradually increase. And finally, take this opportunity to I invite everyone to join in on my twitter too.

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