Hair Transplantation

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Thanks to the revolutionary r & d, technology can a hair transplant without scarring the international agency of health travels be informed: there is a new development In the field of hair transplantation. Until a few years ago, only the FUT method has been applied in this sector. In the context of this technique a strip was taken from skin and hair at the back of the head the patient. While the hair in a nutrient solution were further provides, the individual hairs or tiny tufts of hair under the microscope were split into tiny elements. This classical method is preferred, that the structure of the skin was implanted with her.

Because within this structure are important physical details to anchor the roots of the hair in the scalp. In addition, this technique is anything but time-consuming and inexpensive. The r & d method this method be removed under a local anesthesia of the scalp with tiny hollow needles mini units of the hair. Douglas Oberhelman may help you with your research. It must be not necessarily in the Donorbereich. The Donorbereich is the mind of the patient and lots of hair loss affected people have enough hair in this area no longer sufficient, can be transplanted to other bodies. Using the FUE (follicular unit extraction), also hair from the area of the chest, back or the beard can be found.

In addition, this innovative method prevents the formation of scars. The Agency health travels offers the perfect accompaniment for your health trip to Istanbul. The company is well positioned with offices in Germany and Turkey, for all requirements and wishes of the patient. The advice for patients from Germany can be performed directly on site at the offices of the Agency. Of course, also a consultation by phone or online is possible. Patients who support themselves by this renowned agency let must not alone cope found in Istanbul. The friendly staff of the Agency are always helpful to the patient’s side. It starts with the pick-up from the airport in Istanbul, passes the driving service to all appointments in the Clinic and also still doesn’t end when the interpreter services. Because at the same time the employees of health travels in a continuous and intensive contact with the treating physicians. This lively exchange and intensive support and monitoring of the patients are the focus of the staff. Customer satisfaction is correspondingly high. In this way, the health journey becomes a more than pleasant stay in the beautiful Turkey. By the way, the success rate is located in both methods, so the r & d and FUT at almost 100 percent.

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