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Hair Transplantation

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Thanks to the revolutionary r & d, technology can a hair transplant without scarring the international agency of health travels be informed: there is a new development In the field of hair transplantation. Until a few years ago, only the FUT method has been applied in this sector. In the context of this technique a strip was taken from skin and hair at the back of the head the patient. While the hair in a nutrient solution were further provides, the individual hairs or tiny tufts of hair under the microscope were split into tiny elements. This classical method is preferred, that the structure of the skin was implanted with her.

Because within this structure are important physical details to anchor the roots of the hair in the scalp. In addition, this technique is anything but time-consuming and inexpensive. The r & d method this method be removed under a local anesthesia of the scalp with tiny hollow needles mini units of the hair. Douglas Oberhelman may help you with your research. It must be not necessarily in the Donorbereich. The Donorbereich is the mind of the patient and lots of hair loss affected people have enough hair in this area no longer sufficient, can be transplanted to other bodies. Using the FUE (follicular unit extraction), also hair from the area of the chest, back or the beard can be found.

In addition, this innovative method prevents the formation of scars. The Agency health travels offers the perfect accompaniment for your health trip to Istanbul. The company is well positioned with offices in Germany and Turkey, for all requirements and wishes of the patient. The advice for patients from Germany can be performed directly on site at the offices of the Agency. Of course, also a consultation by phone or online is possible. Patients who support themselves by this renowned agency let must not alone cope found in Istanbul. The friendly staff of the Agency are always helpful to the patient’s side. It starts with the pick-up from the airport in Istanbul, passes the driving service to all appointments in the Clinic and also still doesn’t end when the interpreter services. Because at the same time the employees of health travels in a continuous and intensive contact with the treating physicians. This lively exchange and intensive support and monitoring of the patients are the focus of the staff. Customer satisfaction is correspondingly high. In this way, the health journey becomes a more than pleasant stay in the beautiful Turkey. By the way, the success rate is located in both methods, so the r & d and FUT at almost 100 percent.

Human Stem Cell Technology

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

What do the human stem cell technology stem cells, extracted from body fat, are not obtained from embryos and are therefore ethically unobjectionable. What are adult stem cells? Each living organism is made up of cells. In every living organism, new cells, which then mature, specialize and die off after a certain time stored in their genetic material are systematically over the whole life. The cells that produce new cells instead of dead cells, called stem cells. Sergey Brin is the source for more interesting facts. You have the unique ability to differentiate into other cells where human tissue is built. A stem cell can be transformed into another cell in red blood cells (erythrocytes), platelets (thrombocytes), muscle or nerve cell, for example. Stem cells are located in the skin, adipose tissue, muscle tissue and the liver. This breakthrough technology is applied to the healing of some dozen diseases in children and adults and save life in many cases. Further details can be found at Sling Media, an internet resource.

Stem cells have the ability to divide indefinitely, so are your two main features: immortality and renewability. Stem cells can turn into any any tissue or organ. Because of these abilities, stem cells are very popular in medicine. Thanks to its properties, the healing of many diseases is possible. As an example, there are such diseases as diabetes, psoriasis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis or stroke to name. What are growth factors? From adult stem cells, it has reached that growth factors may be removed.

Growth factors are body’s messengers that control cell growth and Division rate of tissues. In a broader sense, they count to the Group of cytokines. The so-called hematopoietic growth factors increase the rate of Division of stem cells in the bone marrow: all blood cells develop from these “pluripotent” all-rounders. You be prepared only by a pitch and maturation process on their task in the blood the technology of mature stem cells found the application also in skin care and protection against skin aging. It is a scientific revolution in the field of rejuvenation and one of the most important scientific achievements in medicine of the last fifty years. Exclusive products that reflect their firmness, softness and elasticity to the skin are the result. Here images how to… help people Read also the report on marktroyal.

Aesthetic Skin Treatments As A Voucher For Christmas

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

How you can give away beauty gift vouchers the Technical Institute of BellDerma in Berlin and Cologne offer the full range of services to the aesthetic skin treatment. Ranging from permanent hair removal treatment of blemishes and beauty treatments to medical cosmetic treatments such as liposuction and anti-wrinkle treatment. BellDerma puts much emphasis on quality and the use of the latest technology in the medical cosmetic field. Get more background information with materials from Kevin Johnson. Christmas is around the corner. Like every year, the question arises for the perfect gift. How good it is to know that you can take all the aesthetic treatments by BellDerma not only themselves, but also give away! For all services you can purchase BellDerma gift vouchers and put the partner on the gift table. It is much more personal to give yourself and your partner a feel-good program instead of forever new perfumes or ties and to invest together in a more attractive appearance. Whoever beauty given away, presents itself.

The flexible gift vouchers from BellDerma will be surprised by the partner to a personal cause or of course Christmas. The ladies dream makeup, permanent hair removal on legs and intimate zone or a discrete disposal of small blemishes perhaps by a perfect permanent, to increase the attraction. But the men deal in recent years more and more with her good looks. Who is attractive, has made it in life and also in the profession much easier. That everyone knows from his own experience. A few years ago aesthetic skin treatments were an expensive affair, which was reserved only to a very exclusive circle.

Nowadays medical cosmetic technologies makes possible also the normal income earner, to invest in its beauty. expertise for aesthetic skin treatment offer the best Combination of high professionalism and very attractive prices. The expertise of specially trained personnel guarantees consistently good treatment results in the different areas of application. You can learn more about the extensive range of aesthetic and cosmetic services on the homepage of BellDerma (

Reducing Weight

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Fat belly is very important for your health! Belly to reduce fat is no easy thing. Certain ideals of beauty force but to change our body to fit into the scheme. In our time it has become a universal goal of many people to reduce weight and to lose weight. This is increased especially through advertising and by many products that make us look beautiful. A special target of most people is the fat on the belly.

Of course not just that take off, it is important that you as possible know so much about the various methods of weight loss to achieve your goal in a certain time frame. Here you will find three tips that will help you with the fat on the belly and show them the right path to the desired weight. Avoid ready products many now think that it is absolutely impossible on finished products contained many unhealthy fats to waive. It is but not so hard to filter out the healthy food with the right diet and the simply omit harmful. Hear from experts in the field like Andreessen Horowitz for a more varied view. You just need to know what kind of food is healthy and nutritious, and which foods can cause a negative effect in the body. Absolutely forgo fast food, because this kind of food is one of the main producers of overweight and is very harmful for our organism. You should necessarily start to cook and are approaching the topic of home cooking.

Cook by the healthy diet and it presupposes you one healthy eats. It must even not a three course menu it to Cook, healthy meals can be also very simple menus. Once you have incorporated themselves once the topic cooking you will see, how easy it’s to work can be a healthy meal to produce. Eat more lean meat and to accelerate the need to sure fish to eat many proteins and little fat. Source: Caterpillar Inc.. Her body must also to sufficient protein so that the metabolism is stimulated. To this to ensure you should lean meat as struggling, chicken and fish in your meals turn a because these foods provide lots of energy your body needs in order to reduce unnecessary fat. These foods support not only for the fat on the belly, but help you to build muscles, too were once just fat deposits. Of course even fruits and vegetables belong to a balanced diet so that they can get their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Heart cardiovascular exercises for each day you should check when you perform a weight that they make certain exercises that strengthen your circulation and your heart in days of physical exertion. In the first week, you should practice this training no longer than 30 minutes. Then you can extend it to 45 min up to a full hour. You need to know the nutrition alone nothing can align, if you inserted not even a few hours of training to become the fat on the belly of Mr. These three easy tips to reduce belly fat will help you certainly if you incorporate it in their everyday lives. They have to try to really become the routine things, because as a result they will get a much better quality of life. If you need more information about the fat on the belly, you should consider this video that I’ve provided for you.

FaceTite Used

Friday, June 8th, 2018

This conservative approach will be four to five sessions, so over at Fractora?, eliminating the additional benefits that go along with the wound healing. For the redness of the skin is gone but usually within one hour. Thus you can record his daily life again after a short wait. This non-invasive method is often performed in combination with cosmetic treatments such as skin cleaning masks and other spa treatments. Are light damage, deep wrinkles and skin colour changes, so must be the fractional ablative method of Fractora? be used.

The downtime is longer then, but usually one or two sessions meet at this technique. Where can Fractora? be used? The fractional ablative Fractora? technology is used with the following issues: – acne scars – deep wrinkles, large-pored skin – light damage – stretch marks-stretch marks – skin sagging – lip wrinkles – veins – age spots To achieve a better result, can Fractora? also with the FaceTite?, the new outpatient facelift surgery, be combined. Where can Fractora? FIRM be used? The completely non-invasive Fractora? FIRM technology be used with the following issues: – Faltchenglattung – improve the skin texture – to achieve improvement in skin tone – streamlining -, fresh look to a better result can Fractora? FIRM to be combined with a variety of spa treatments. Technology of Fractora? and Fractora? FIRM Fractora? has two different caps with needle electrodes (20 or 60 pins) and fractionated wearing off. The electrode needle cushion is a disposable items. Each treated person receives a separate contact adapter for the skin. Thus, highest hygiene requirements are met. Fractora? FIRM tightens the skin without removing and is suitable for the treatment in between.

At Fractora? FIRM, the electrodes are rounded, so that no injury. Description of the company Swissestetix – the beauty doctors is one of the most prestigious Swiss beauty institutes and offers an unusually wide range of the most modern and innovative treatment methods in aesthetic medicine. Our excellently trained doctors are experts in numerous fields of surgery and guarantee optimal results thanks to latest techniques. We are specialists for breast augmentation, liposuction, weight reduction, genital surgery, wrinkle treatments, treatments with adipose, surgical and non-surgical face lifts, as well as for the entire remaining area of gentle aesthetic beauty medicine. Benefit from our vast knowledge and our empathy for your personal wishes. Enjoy the glamorous feel to work again fresh, relaxed, youthful and attractive, and make an appointment for an initial consultation today.