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With little time and cost to bring independently sustainable positive change. In the professional life coaching is an effective way to solve problems, to explore new paths for themselves and to develop the personality of its own. This coaching is each individual single measure between coach and entrepreneur and Executive with desired behavior changes. It is often referred to in the business coach Wolfgang Brune cumverbis GmbH so that Manager over a long period of time while exercise, in a concrete situation something not for running their wishes and ideas. They recognize themselves but not the cause, yet they see the possibility of a future improvement. As an example, he calls a large companies supervised by him, in the meetings of a particular Board in the past were characterized by an atmosphere of restraint and little productive discussion here. Necessary decisions were not taken or there was distrust, even rejection by the Members.

Constructive cooperation was almost impossible. The responsible head of the session recognized the long-standing situation though, since but important decisions should be taken to the next meeting, he wanted to prepare differently for this session as usual. A coach should be consulted for the preparation. The requirements on the coach were quickly formulated within the framework of the overall flying coaching: creating a productive working atmosphere communicative preparation for this session placement or work out of own resources coaching serves the detecting and solving of the processes leading to the problem so Wolfgang Brune. Target of coaching is to improve the own problem-solving skills. The coach allows this discover their own abilities and resources and their development.

He helps discover new ways. Through this self help the client will in the situation, to have better discussions to resolve existing conflicts, potential conflicts of interest while avoiding problems creatively to resolve In the framework of the coaching session were uncovered with the clients including its resources available to him and consolidated. As a result, the subsequent session ran differently than previous sessions. In a total your atmosphere were fruitful discussions and then mutually agreed decisions. Conclusion from a telephone conversation after the meeting: I would have done just the coaching two years ago. I had many sleepless nights and a lot of frustration saved remained.We were all in all much farther in the company. It adds up only the gross payroll of all those involved in an unsuccessful session, so the cost of coaching are justified alone. The coach supported the client so Wolfgang Brune cumverbis GmbH with a combination of individual advice and promotional support. He is neutral feedback donor and companion at the process level, enabling cost-effective rapid changes. Coaching is the professional advice, support and Support persons with command / control functions and by experts in companies / organisations. The objective of coaching is the development of individual or collective learning and performance processes regarding primary professional concern. In terms of content, coaching is a combination of individual support to deal with different concerns and personal advice.

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