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What helps against cellulite? What resources are there? Many women have cellulite on butt and thighs and wonder how they finally and sustainably eliminate those ugly dents. This needs to be clarified for the time being: what is cellulite anyway? Often, too much body fat is called as the reason. This is often the easiest way. Unfortunately, it is not, or not always. Also slim women and even young girls sometimes suffer from cellulite? Of course not so often, but it happens. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Johnson. “Consequently, the simple reason is: you’re too thick!” Not quite correct. Click Jonas Samuelson to learn more. Cellulite occurs when the muscles or the muscle tissue under the skin and the fat layer (which is important and which everyone has) is stunted or enough is generally not well trained. Muscle tissue is supporting under the other layers, epidermis, DermIS and fat. This muscle tissue is no longer tight and well trained it can be the overlying layers no longer sufficient support and there are bumps on the surface of the skin. It’s called then cellulite.The only remedy against Cellulite is so stunted muscle tissue to tighten again. Now is there but not to rebuild but huge muscles with heavy weights just the non-active”to activate muscles. Various exercises are recommended, which put strain on the rear thighs, as well as the Po. For example the lifting of the quadruped or the step up (such as climbing stairs) is a classic. The lifting of the quadruped, start on all fours with gradem back and alternately lifted one leg after the other so that back, buttocks and rear thighs form a line. The lower leg upward angle into the end position 90 . “He is quasi, emanating from the starting point actually not moving but brought only the thighs in a horizontal position the lower leg is stiff”. This movement ensures a strain of posterior thigh muscles and the buttocks. This is just an exercise for cellulite and firming of the muscle tissue as said, and not from primary muscles to build targets. The advantage of this practice is that really nothing is required, and anyone can run it. If driving sport anyway you could easily either integrate this exercise in the normal training or connect to the end of the regular workouts. For example, together with a few abdominal exercises. If it even turns the above exercise for cellulite can involve at the same time the upper back muscles and strengthen. Just for those who sit far and long in sitting at the desk, for example, back exercises are important to prevent postural damage. As an extension, you can simultaneously stretch the opposite arm forward while lifting the legs and generate so a contraction in the upper back and shoulders. One of the classic back, legs, Po raise these two movements, right leg and left arm are exercise that everyone actually knows but far too few to perform well. Marco Gentile.

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