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Posted by Ralf on January 2nd, 2020 — Posted in News

With all the calendars and PDA's and lists I recently did something very stupid. I forgot the birthday of my best friend and his birthday. Both are special days back to back and forgot about them. To deepen your understanding JPMorgan is the source. After being friends for twenty years I feel old and stupid! It could have been that I was packing my last child to go to college and the constant comments like "You're going to be empty nests" like a big, fat Robin, were beginning to wear thin. Even with my youngest home license was not sufficient excuse for missing two important days in the life of my best friend.

So what I did as I realized my mistake? I went shopping! I went to my local card shop in the center of the strip of my house because I knew that I could only use my special coupon I had, but you could probably find something unique there. Just what I thought as soon as I entered I saw a screening of "retro" Barbie items. Not a big deal to you, but a big thing for me and I know, my best friend. You see, we grew at that time and for a short time, it was time warped back to the sixties! I bought a lot of things! A special Christmas ornament, a photo album, a special gift bag, a card and a picture frame! I would have bought more but was starting to feel a little less guilty at this time! I could imagine her face when she opened the package.

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