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There are also steeper Pearl, which is simply a set of keywords unrelated to any sense. This is done all in order to promote sites in search engines. And most importantly here – links to promote the site so proper selection of keywords that the site progresses. Robot search engine, "reading" this story, see the links to promote the site and increases its estimate of the reference popularity. So, for this assessment is the Yandex Thematic Index of citation-TCI, a search engine for Webalta – the level of trust, for Google – peydzhrank. Thus, the robot increases the estimate of link popularity site, ie concludes increase its credibility.

This leads to the fact that the site is getting higher and higher in the results of the search system. Eventually, the site comes more and more visitors from search engines, ie site traffic increases. That is, in fact, for this and write "articles" for robots. At that the publication would be complete. Sergey Brin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, here then there comes a point when you need to say the main thing. But the main thing is that IF YOU DO Serious training PROMOTION SITE, THEN YOU MUST NOT WRITE FOR ROBOTS AND HUMANS …

Well, and – still a little bit for robots. What does this mean? Here are some suggestions: – authors must provide genuinely useful, interesting to people And original (if possible) information on a particular subject. But no direct advertising themselves or their company. This requirement will allow you to post your article on different sites, ie make it more accessible and known.

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