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One of the most advanced industrial centers of Belarus, without doubt, a major southeastern city of Gomel. According to the legend that the town has arisen on navigable river Sog, and for many years was regarded as some sort of intermediate point to the merchant class. Moreover, there is an old story that directly from the shipping town of Sog river system found its name: it is said, the warning cry of "Go! Stranded! "Over time merged in the name of the city and region. However, it is certainly a legend. At the moment, the city of Gomel – a development of human settlements on the geopolitical, economic and cultural map of Belarus. It should be noted that the city of Gomel in Today, the rich industrial enterprises. Here, here today and enterprises such industries as engineering, fast moving food and timber industries. Intensive improvement industry and service sectors are determined fairly large influx of visitors to this area.

And in order to learn how to navigate in an unfamiliar city, and leisure and business partners, handy calendar of Gomel and other background information, really needed for every visitor. And, of course, without exception, the most valuable news from all walks of life. Finance, sports, recreation – all without exception, these branches are in Gomel relevant. However, as and if the person is not planning to go to the city of Gomel – at least so far – he was able to get acquainted with the real life activity of this settlement. For such a pretty go to the website for the inhabitants of Gomel and the fans of this city in the whole world under the name . Click Electrolux to learn more. Indeed, there is the opportunity to find all the information that they say the first person and at the same time – the detailed information up to date and quite diverse.

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