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Posted by Ralf on February 12th, 2014 — Posted in News

If you’re planning your wedding in 2011 and it will be in summer probably you has pleased the idea of doing a wedding on the beach but you’re not very safe for expenses that can lead to. But perhaps the biggest fear is to think if you do your wedding on the beach nobody will want to travel alone to go to your wedding, right? No longer have what worry, because an airline already thought of this and it has developed a plan for this situation. What you have to do is enter the portal in internet of this airline and register your event, no matter if you still long for your wedding. By registering your event you will be given a key that will give your guests and to enter it will be given a discount for travel to your wedding, so you win about having them in this special date and they gain by having a discount and traveling with a great service. The only thing you have to do to let your guests know it is go them saying to the closest on the promotion, so may be saving if you need it – or by booking the date on your calendar. For the others invited will put the key in your wedding invitation, thus to invite them because they will be aware that there is a promotion if you want to fly by this low-cost airline.

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