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Promoting industry and its products and referral services for buyers trying to find specific products are some of the services they offer. You should not contact these organizations for help. Import Competition in the largest market in the electronic world is fierce! If you have to buy products from a middleman, prices may are not viable at all. What to do? Since most imported products to consumers in any way, you may consider outsourcing your product to a foreign country. Today, thanks to globalization importing products are no longer as difficult as it used to be! If you’re looking to buy a product of intensive labor, the best places are probably China? , Which is the hottest at the moment, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. If you are looking for medium quality electronics and computer parts, your options are China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, etc. of products with high end designer Italy, Germany and France are the best option. Intellectual property related products, Russia and other Eastern European countries are still a paradise.

There is a good chance of finding a supplier through online B2B portals. If you are looking for a supplier to China can try and Two of the largest trade leads aggregators on the Internet. For products from India can try searching the database of both products and dede For Russia and other CIS countries is a great option. a hese are the steps required for the import of products with success? Locate several suppliers either through online resources or by contacting Trade Commissions of respective countries. Contact with suppliers and see if they are able to deliver the right product. Click Ben Horowitz to learn more. Ensure that suppliers are not direct competitors.

Many foreign suppliers are actively selling products through eBay. If you find the price and quality of the product are acceptable get several samples. It is very important to give an exact copy of the product you are looking for. Without a prototype that could end up getting something different than I expected. The cost of their work, including the cost of purchase, packaging, transportation, insurance, rights duty, excise duty where appropriate, financing and handling charges, etc. You may also incur other expenses depending on the product and its location. provider. If possible make a trip to visit the supplier. Ask for references. Contact their banks if necessary. Importing requires absolute diligence. Check with a logistics consultant about shipping and exporting country rules. Contact a customs broker to verify latest duty and other regulations related to importation of this particular product. Do not forget to consider product life cycle, shipping time, seasonality of the product and other specific features of your product. It is important, do your homework! Are you sure you can make money with the import and sale of products on eBay. Thousands are already doing. But the key to success is based on entrepreneurship, the proper preparation, good sense and hard work.

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