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We are reminded, that in the age of information, in which entire concept, research, and change arrives at the same time to managers and workers, responsible management of human capital should be necessarily centered on the people. The organizational climate us It allows to know if the idiosyncrasy and the practices of the company have a perception positive or negative in the employees, if consider themselves as jaded spectators or active part of organizational processes. These ideas, workers tend to bind them with perspectives and own desires, which are very difficult to meet for senior management if it is not through a direct lobbying. Other information of relevance that may arise, is the vision about the way that arises in the structural relationship (vertical or horizontal) opinion about her job in relation to the tasks, autonomy is assigned and its commitment to the challenges that the post proposed you. To read more click here: JPMorgan Chase. It should also take into account what stands out, that a good working atmosphere always depends on nearby leaders, motivated, to form interdisciplinary teams and believe in communication as a fundamental axis of the relationship.

Take into consideration, that a negative organizational climate has a direct impact on the objectives of the company, and by more invisible as it may seem your influence, all management experts today agree that sooner or, a bad labor climate is synonymous of high turnover, low productivity, increase internal disputes and the fall of the brand image. Ultimately, the measurement of organizational climate will be closely tied to the particular situation of each company, and will be through questionnaires designed especially for each case. General traits that should have these studies are the analysis of two large areas: of orientation to the person and the orientation to results. There is no effective climate survey without subsequent improvement actions and there is no effective climate survey without considerations about the daily reality of the respondent. You may want to visit Ben Horowitz to increase your knowledge. In conclusion, across any enterprise is its size must not be neglected through its management secure, achieve, be vigilant of the behavior of its human resource to always have a good organizational climate that favours all.

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