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Luis Martinez

Friday, October 25th, 2019

To achieve this, it will collaborate, will help the organizational behaviour of the company to ensure a good organizational climate, which will be reflected in productivity, utilities, satisfying the needs of customers. Venezuela in the past 9 years, with the current Government under direction de el Teniente Coronel Hugo Chavez of military training has given way to a management endorsed with Socialist idealism and its programmes, actions in favour of consolidating what has been called the Bolivarian revolution has serious incidence in the national productive system, SMEs and some companies that weren’t prepared for these changesleading to some close, others not they are very stable and others seeking ways to restructure itself, to give way to a new organizational culture that favours him and can integrate to the Government’s plans. The fact, that the current scenario has seriously touched the business system of the country doing that the managements of each company reformulated its organizational culture, if it really wants to ensure an organizational behavior favorable to their goals, otherwise they will perish, they fracasaran. Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. The actions of Government where a new opening of foreign trade, manifests itself in new alliances with advanced countries, seriously plays the Venezuelan business sector, which must rethink, restructure its administrative structures, functional in order to qualify for new challenges presented you, where competitiveness will be a determinant variable in their success or failure. Today management, as Luis Martinez, reminds must manage cultural diversity, combine a variety of styles of leadership and work in team, act in a strategic way, using new technology, improve information flows, respond to multiple sources of authority, manage conflicts, being promoted more than supervisor and have key skills such as learning, of negotiation of vital resources and human sensitivity. Today the management must properly handle its culture towards actions that give step to more flexible, less bureaucratic structures, take into account, that the transition demands a change of perspective on the vision of the organizational world: in how you think about the Organization, how the organization is making itself same in culture and forms adopted for his administration. Tim Collins Ripplewood helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.


Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Managing the expectations of customers is one of the most complex elements of managing within a CRM initiative. At Titan Feul Tanks you will find additional information. Even, so your organization is not immersed in a CRM project, it is important to have clarity about which are the expectations of customers and how your business is serving them. It is here where the fact to provide customers what they don’t expect is important. I.e., surprise your client through something that he did not has referred in their expectations, but you can generate an even more important and memorable experience, you can generate a voice to voice very positive about the service that provides your organization. Let’s look at some considerations about in this article.

Unfortunately there is a large gap between what the companies consider satisfied customers and what customers feel in this regard. In a survey conducted by Accenture on customer satisfaction, 75% of companies surveyed expressed that the service to the client offered by them was rated as extremely good. It turns out that 57 % of surveyed customers, who are served by these companies, they expressed that they felt extremely dissatisfied with the service provided by these companies. Many companies designed complex strategies to be able to close this gap between what the company provides as a service and the expectations that the customer has about the same and how you qualify a upon receipt. There are studies that have shown that implement simple mechanisms that allow deliver customer experiences that you don’t expect, they can have a high positive impact on loyalty and the referencing that this client can generate.

For anyone it is a mystery that we all as consumers or clients are relentless to when assessing the quality of the service. Lower deviation or discomfort immediately puts us on the offensive and began to denigrate the company that offers the service. Lately we are very sensitive to any element, for minimum that is, generate a deviation in relation to our expectations.