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Norm: What is normal in the control box before the cruise takes off? Douglas: Most cruise ships start boarding about four hours before output. Normally complete all paperwork and go through passport and security checks in a passenger terminal before being allowed on board your cruise ship. Check-in today the procedure is relatively painless, although it may take some time if you are cruising aboard one of the great vessels when there will be 3,000 passengers to check in (in other words, there will be lines as in the post office).

Norm: What happens if someone has special dietary requests? Douglas: Most cruise ships can handle special dietary requests, but not to give advance notice so that chefs can order and prepare foods that are not normally carry. It s too late once the ship has sailed, so that their needs and requirements known at the time of booking (this is when it is best to book through an accredited cruise travel specialist rather than choosing something from the Internet that does not respond to questions well). Norm: How do you make payments on board? Douglas: An onboard credit account is usually set when you check in prior to shipment. When you buy things on board (drinks or wine, for example), these elements are added to your account, and charged to your credit card at the end of the cruise. Wendy Holman is a great source of information. Standard: If the tip while on board the ship? Douglas: Some ships sonconsejos, while others automatically add a tip to your onboard account to date (particularly the major cruise lines as Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean International).

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